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  • hello mate, i have an assessment day for PSA DLR on friday, can you shed some light on what they will ask/ or how the written test is. and anything on the interview please if you can.
    Hi there mate, iv been working for an agency on DLR, how often do Keolis amey recruits for any sort of position? And what website? If you dont mind helping me

    I am interested in becoming a PSA for DLR. Can you give me any tips on how I can go about applying for this job and on what site do I apply on. I've looked everywhere but they do not seem to be advertised anywhere. Thank you in advance.
    Hello mate. Hope you dont mind me messaging you and submitting friend request. I have been invited to an assessment day this Saturday for the Passenger service agent position with Serco. Any help and advice greatly appreciated. Thanksalot
    Hi Joeynova27,

    I've recently applied to HEX as a trainee train driver, and saw that you had just had your telephone interview.

    I was wondering if you could please give me some hints or tips?


    PS..I aint an old git neither,just an old BR hand who started at 16 when we could still do that..still in 30's lol....just
    I can,but not on here..this is visible to all mate!
    Been driving 23 years now,so hopefully I can help you out..post 3 more messages and I can PM you!
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