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  • Hi mate hows it going cant remember when we last spoke, I passed all tests and mmi I have dmi next month so its going well I hope you are well mate
    hello, im due to take my 2nd stage assessment and wondered if you have any advice or know what the questions are for the form you fill out for the mmi??? any information would help massively
    thanks ben
    Hi simon, I havent been told that I'm sucessful yet. Hopefully this week.

    Stage 1 was said to last 3 hrs on the email and to prepare to be there all day. We were only in for around 2 hours and it consisted of Group bourdon dot test first. 5 pages with one minute per page. I didnt get to the bottom of any Page. Around 6 lines from the bottom is what i have heard is good. Then we had a quick 5 min break. Then we did Trainability for rules and procedures 1 and 2. Part 1 is memory, having a text read to you and readig it on paper too. You can take notes but it all gets taken away before the test begins. 7 mins to answer 18 questions on said text. Not too hard. Part 2 was the dials test. The assessor reads the instuctions. Listn carefully as u have 43 questions to anser using the instructions in 8 mins. Again I didnt get to the end of this but close enough.
    . Speed and accuracy are important in all the tests. Get an early night before and have a good brekkie
    . Best of luck :)

    I have recently seen your post that you have past stage one well done.

    I have my assessment day in reading with FGW on friday.

    Can you tell me what they required you to do from start to finish for stage 1 as im becoming a nervous wreck ....

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