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    Walking and cycling

    I started cycling a few years back when I bought a car with a diesel particulate filter and wanted to avoid short trips and I was needing to come home each day to walk the dog. I've really become a big fan of cycling for both transport and leisure and rarely use the car. During lockdown I've...
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    Braking issue on Caledonian Sleeper causes train to "run away" at Edinburgh

    If I'm reading the report correctly when the locomotive went through the neutral section, the pan dropped and the rheostatic brake was longer functional. What should happen normally in this situation?
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    Vehicle discussion. The SUV vs standard types of car.

    I'm not a fan of SUVs but I felt I shouldn't just discount them when considering a new car given a large amount of luggage capacity is important to me. However as you say they don't have much luggage capacity for their size compared to an estate so I bought another estate car although on the...
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    68005 in Inverness

    Thanks for the prompt reply and information.
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    68005 in Inverness

    Hopefully it's ok to post this here, 68005 is up in Inverness and I think this is the RTT link for it: I'm wondering if anyone knows why it's up here and when it's likely to be leaving? Thanks for any information.
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    Thursday 14th May, Channel 5 - two new railway series...

    I was wondering if it was a mistake to reshow an old episode as 'new' but the next one looks to be a repeat as well which if deliberate is pretty underhanded.
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    Formula 1

    That doesn't look good for Vettel...
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    Formula 1

    Going by general conversation I don't think a lot of people realise that the tyres are designed to be that way and instead are critical of Pirelli for making such flimsy tyre that quickly fall apart. I was going to say other tyre companies are able to boast about their tyre performance with...
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    Formula 1

    You're right to highlight endurance racing with the LMP1 hybrids are much closer to F1 cars producing over 1000bhp and powering all four wheels but can manage long stints on their tyres without large drop offs, it was pre-hybrid but the old LMP1's were still quick and the winning Audi drive...
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    How essential to life is a smart phone in the 21st century?

    If it's this Nokia 6030: Then I suspect the problem is the lack of 3G support as I've seen some areas where they have turned off 2G/2.5G. Although there is support for running voice over data networks it's far from standard and unlikely all the...
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    How essential to life is a smart phone in the 21st century?

    I don't know where the brainwashing comes into it when smartphones now offer an incredible range of functionality in a portable and convenient form factor. I fix PC's for friends and was doing a laptop this week and realised how rare it is for me to do that now because many people now use...
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    Trivia: Most number of liveries in the same train

    When Scotrail were bringing in the HSTs there was one with the rear car and one carriage in the plain blue colour (with the large bike logo), one carriage in dark green (GWR?), two carriages in purple with the pink doors (FGW?) and the other powercar in the Scotrail livery.
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    BBC staff

    I'm surprised at how good the equipment looks because the quality when I was first watching Have I got news for you was pretty poor although I've not been watching it since as I find the format feels a bit odd so maybe they've improved it since. I'm not criticising the show as I realise they're...
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    Question about Class 158 and Class 170

    When I was commuting that and one less carriage were the biggest differences when taking a 158 over a 170, I didn't know until I joined this forum that 158's had air conditioning as they were always sweltering when I travelled on them.
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    Class 92 enquiry

    There's a thread on the sleeper here which is probably the best place to ask: