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    Ticket Splitting Website - TrainMiser

    Is this really necessary? You should be able to specify outward and return departure times or outward and return arrival times if that is most convenient
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    What is this ticket?

    sounds like a status pass these are the passes that BR senior managers had i think either silver or gold
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    BOJ - off peak return on peak train

    Can anyone point to some general text that explains what restrictions apply after a break of journey For London-Oxenholme off-peak return there is nothing However on East Coast more detail is given although not in every case...
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    Special Offers Discussion

    special offer from Northern Rail for cycling spectators
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    Station groups (LONDON TERMINALS, MAIDSTONE STNS etc.)

    I worked at Thameslink from 1996 (having left South Central just before Connex took over) and the London Thameslink arrangement was in place then It was an attempt to simplify ticketing for Thameslink passengers from the north of London to Farringdon, Barbican, Moorgate, City Thameslink...
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    Fares Retail Publications Portal vs National Rail Enquiries Internal

    There was someone on this forum talking about new format tickets that i think might be the Northern representative at the ATOC Fares and Ticketing Group I've always been amazed at how train companies disregard the expertise of their ticket office staff - it denies the company all that experience...
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    Station groups (LONDON TERMINALS, MAIDSTONE STNS etc.)

    From a revenue allocation perspective the most important issue is London Terminals consider a flow like London Terminals to Brighton, route any permitted if the ticket is sold from Victoria then the ticket says London Terminals to Brighton but the revenue is allocated from Victoria (ie as if a...
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    Validity and expiry

    Thanks - i think that was the method i described in my article. However its bizarre (in my opinion) to expect someone to click on "other tickets" (ie not the ticket they are asking about) and then to scroll down tons of text just to find a link to a restriction code
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    East Midlands Rover query

    Well at the time i was the person they would have asked...and no-one ever did!
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    Fares Retail Publications Portal vs National Rail Enquiries Internal

    when i was involved in these things it was agreed there was no point in maintaining separate data sources which might contradict each other and so knowledgebase was agreed as the future sole source of information (as NRE would have to maintain it anyway) it was also agreed that knowledgebase...
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    Suggestion for one National Railcard with standard T&Cs

    The existing railcards are designed to appeal to segments of the market which are particularly price sensitive The senior railcard, for example, only makes money for the railway because of the card price - in other words if we just gave seniors the discounts without the need to buy a card we...
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    East Midlands Rover query

    i'm pretty sure that rovers have to be inter-available - so it should be unnecessary to give a list of operators as all should accept the tickets within the designated area
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    Validity and expiry

    miscellaneous twitter followers - from TOC managing directors to passengers you still need to have a ticket in order to know the restriction code as far as i can tell if you are starting from scratch there is no easy way to understand the validity of what you are thinking of buying!
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    GroupSave changes?

    Is it just Chiltern or are there others too?
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    Validity and expiry

    thats very helpful - i'd never seen it before but you need to know the restriction code in order to find the specific validity so you still need to find the restriction code by the long route (don't you?) yes i should - thank you thats a bit less clear cut as given the nature of an Advance...