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  • 3rd March. That means your rules course will be at Knollys House then. You should be having the trainer I had for rules. You'll find he will work you hard & has high expectations, but he is the best trainer to get for rules, he's funny, engaging & won't move away from something unless he knows you've grasped it. Be prepared to be pounced on with questions, he likes his late afternoon pose pause pounce question sessions.
    It's great to be honest. Best thing I've ever done.

    Your first week will be induction at Knollys House
    Then the Monday of the second week should be depot induction then you'll be at the training school after that. Rules course is around 7 weeks and you'll be out with a driver or Instructor if one is available every Friday so if you get an instructor you could be driving from week one.
    Have you got a start date yet?
    Well done on the offer too.
    Thanks for the information. I have kind of got all that covered as much as I can really, il do my best and keep my fingers crossed, the interview is at selhurst depot and with Mr Mike Collerson,
    Hi Johno...

    I guess the best advice I can give is to be honest, remember your answers you gave in your application, and your structured interview. Also do some work reading up the role and the company, plus of course turn up smartly turned out, and try to smile and be polite at all times.

    I hate job interviews so the fact I got through two to get this job still amazes me today. Which depot is your interview for and do you know which DMs are interviewing you?
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