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    Trivia: ”Single station” towns with station name suffixes

    What exactly would the 'red tape' be regarding in dropping Central from Rotherham? (Surprised it wasn't considered with the 2010-2012 lick of paint!) Another odd one is New Pudsey, which is actually in Farsley a mile and a bit out from Pudsey! More like a park and ride station (or park and shop...
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    Working from home

    We used to supply work laptops to everyone but when the demand jumped from 200 remote workers to 2000 remote workers virtually overnight and there was a several month lead time on suppliers obtaining and delivering laptops it became too much of a challenge Now rather than VPN we provide Citrix...
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    Why are tickets less often checked at night?

    I've noticed at Leeds the gateline late at night (sort of 11pm onwards) particularly on Friday/Saturday nights seems to be single staffed and they just leave one gate wide open An interesting 'chicken and egg' situation really as there are many services arriving into Leeds from unstaffed...
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    Do onboard ticket scanners check route validity

    I was on a LNER service recently with a Grand Central only advance ticket ('valid' as LNER had accepted a train full of GC passengers due to a fault with the GC service) and the ticket scanner did make a different noise I think to what it would but the guard was aware of the ticket acceptance...
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    Working from home

    If you’ve work from home for just a single day in the past couple of years you can claim £6/week relief (if your employer doesn’t cover it already which I’m guessing most probably won’t) for both the 2020/21 and 2021/22 tax years There’s a useful article on the Money Saving Expert website about...
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    Working from home

    You save money on the commute, potentially food and drink costs depending on how frugal you are/were, but you also save on something priceless too...time! My commute was 1hr-1.5hr each way excluding the potential of delays and the like so that was around 15 hours on top of my 37.5 hour working...
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    Busy single platform stations

    Indeed...then Covid came along! (Source : Wikipedia) Also in the process of knocking up 'Platform 2' again - wonder how many other single platform stations have had another platform added or bought back into use 2016/17 0.599 million Interchange 8,353 2017/18 0.579 million...
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    Omicron variant and the measures implemented in response to it

    A beyond ridiculous tweet by Northern... (Currently, we don't have enough people on our trains wearing face coverings when they should) How on earth can they justify such a statement?!
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    New Avanti planner based TVMs

    The amount of taps on a Northern TVM just to buy a standard day return to say Leeds is frustrating to say the least I’ve often had to assist passengers in using them myself, some of whom even wrongly assumed they had to travel on the specific timed trains they were forced to select! Also...
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    Kings Cross to Beckton (Gallons Reach)

    I took the @rebmcr route in the end, although I got well and truly lost walking from Beckton to the shopping park as I think Google got ever so slightly confused! (I did end up in some sort of retail park with the biggest Home Bargains I’ve seen in my life, I thought that was a Northern thing!)...
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    Grand Central - Booted off at Retford due to train fault

    Never mind then…thankfully the LNER had plenty of spare capacity so it isn’t sardines for lunch at least! (Just slightly annoying as I’m on a tight schedule to get my bits done in London as it is without a 40 minute delay on top!!!)
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    Grand Central - Booted off at Retford due to train fault

    Was just on a Grand Central service to Kings Cross and due to a train fault it stopped at Retford and booted us all off advising us to catch the LNER So a 14:24 arrival rather than a 13:44 arrival but can I claim a full refund under delay repay for the ticket (advance) or just the 40 minute...
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    Kings Cross to Beckton (Gallons Reach)

    Thanks for the pointers, travelling tomorrow so I think the Bank line is still a potential option, will see what the weather is like in terms of walking options!
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    Kings Cross to Beckton (Gallons Reach)

    I'm looking to travel from Kings Cross to Beckton, specifically the Gallons Reach shopping park Google suggests all manner of routes, Underground, DLR, buses What is the most efficient (and ideally cheapest!) route there and back? Presumably using my contactless card will be the cheapest option
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    Castleford - Pontefract then Wakefield - Castleford

    I have some Grand Central tickets to London in a couple of weeks Outward journey departing from Pontefract Monkhill Return journey arriving at Wakefield Kirkgate I need to travel from Castleford to Pontefract Monkhill then Wakefield Kirkgate to Castleford (not covered by the Grand Central...