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    Went to Tamworth today for some photo's. In this collection inculdes 31190, 66615, 60031, 60069, 66124, 66503, 60059, 66411, 66249, 66115 and 66060 Photo's can be found at
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    Least Updates

    Im not sure you know who they are?
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    Least Updates

    I havant posted my least updates on here so far this month so here we go Photo's from Tamworth on the 30th May and 2nd June are inculded 30th May 2nd June Also some Mics photo's inculde...
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    Virgin HSTs

    Some photo's of the Virgin HST's Photos are at 43051 43049 43045 43066 43064...
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    Derby and Chesterfield

    Went for Cotswold Rail HST and Footy special to Cardiff from Bransley. Also went to Chesterfield. Photos are at 43070 43070 43087 47832...
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    Chesterfield speicals

    Nice one i was on Chesterfield for 5690 Shame what happen though.
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    Loco-Hauled ECS Oxley-Derby 26/5/06 X2!!!

    What loco's are involded's?
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    Football Specials to Cardiff at Derby

    Went to Derby today whilst at it saw the following: 47812 and 47853 1Z47 Leeds to Cardiff passed 10.24 47843 and 47805 1Z49 Leeds to Cardiff arrived 10:45 Left at 11:00 47832 1Z59 Leeds to Cardiff arrived at 11:26 and left 2 minutes later Photo's of these specials can be found at 1Z47...
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    Jon Ridge's Photo's

    Here some photo's from this afternoon at Derby. These inculde 66566, 66138 and the best of all 47832 66566 66138 47832...
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    BP Gen to Midlands 20th May

    News for you 47832 will not be working the pullman tonight as it heading up north to Neville Hill
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    5Z59 Oxley to Neville Hill

    Running 1 hour and 30 minutes behind scheudle through Derby Photo's are at
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    GCR Pics

    Nice shot's Kept the good work up.
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    5Z59 Oxley to Neville Hill

    Not full timings i know but does anyone know if this train will run today 5Z59, 12.40, Oxley TCSD to Neville Hill T & R.S.M.D, derv'? Ryecroft Jn' 13/03, Water Orton 13/32, Burton on Trent 14/02, Derby 14.17/14.19, Broadholme 14.31/14.51, Tapton Jn' 15/14, Masborough Jn' 15/38, Harepark...