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    Buying house near track - Crofton Park station

    low speed curvy track can be bad for noise...
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    Station announcements too long

    it's 19 stops. Which part would you omit? Other than the time and destination, the rest of the announcement isn't really for regular travellers, it's for those less familiar with the line. Announcing "all stops to" would be useless for someone that doesn't know which stations their intended...
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    I would rather doubt it, it would be a major violation of equalities laws to do so. Where did you hear such a rumour?
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    Greater Anglia Bombardier Aventras (Class 720): Technical discussion and introduction

    so what's the current fleet status? How many used in service, how close to all drivers being trained?
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    What makes a rebuild of an existing loco/multiple unit a complete new class of loco/MU

    Re-built locos/MUs get a new class number if their owner/operators want it to have a new class number
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    Level crossing Phone to cross but can't speak!

    I can guarantee they absolutely had not thought about this, which is why the twitter response is slow. Rules such as this have been written with zero consideration for people such as you, the idea that someone might need to cross who can't speak just will not have occurred to them.
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    Can Mk1 and Mk3 coaches couple to each other?

    All that compatibility allowed the initial build (Mark 3A) of loco hauled coaches to include no brake vehicles at all- as there were plenty of Mark 1 and Mark 2 around. There were though three Mark 3B brake vehicles (in addition to the DVTs, which have the same function), now in service with the...
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    Cross Country Class 170 2 car --> 3 car upgrades

    quite apart from anything, shouldn't a local service like that be a local operator concern?
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    Faults with Class 70 Powerhaul P616 Engines

    eh, all that would break British Health & Safety laws, specifically PUWER, I would have thought? 1621455257 ah, so at no point before it all went wrong did anyone think to ask a materials chemist. Figures.
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    Greater Anglia Bombardier Aventras (Class 720): Technical discussion and introduction

    it's not quite a 1:1 mapping, but the Electrostars roughly replaced mark 1s, the Aventras are replacing Mark 3s.
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    (Trivia) Services with most interchanges to different routes to London

    Liverpool to Norwich on EMR has a fair few. You missed Nottingham! And Ely has morning peak services to Liverpool Street too,
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    Amtrak award contract to Siemens to supply 83 'Intercity Trainsets'

    I've not found a good answer. But as a note- there's no such as an AGV power car. the AGV design has passengers in all cars and power distributed along the length.
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    Class 365 withdrawal confirmed [Great Northern]

    gah. Not a chance that I'm getting up early enough to get there
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    Class 365 withdrawal confirmed [Great Northern]

    the extras are just in public service, yes?
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    How many stations in London

    how many stations is the Kings Cross St Pancras complex? I'd accept almost any answer between 1 and 7. 1, because it's possible to get between any two platforms without going outside. 7? From a user point of view in St Pancras the Southeastern, East Midlands Railway, Thameslink & Eurostar...