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    Preferred Intercity Rolling Stock

    Sorry for the late response to this, but even this subject gets annoying at times, so i tend to avoid it. Ive given up expecting rolling stock to get better, and i prefer to avoid the 'your an enthusiast and not a real person' sentiments that some seem to make out. But this question is an easy...
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    Class 20s 20142 & 20189 Become Balfour Beatties.

    The newest version of Firsts wavey lines! ie the 350s! A gharish mash up of black, pink, purple and lime green. Surely either of the above 2 would ruin a 20!!!!
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    Rumour that Chiltern are going to lease class 68s to replace 67s (confirmed)

    Brush. Apparently both GM and Vossloh have knocked at the door of Mr Brush, regarding this bogie, but it seems as though Brush werent going to let on to all their secrets without a decent monetary contribution. It seems both GM and Vossloh were thinking of a smaller monetary value.
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    Preferred Intercity Rolling Stock

    Well as my name is mentioned. I dont recall proving this. However legroom isnt everything. On voyagers, legroom isnt too bad now, however in every other way they are awful. In fact, one awful isnt enough. A thousand awfuls. Internal widths are quite a bit different when bendy pendies are...
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    Worst Interior / Colour Scheme

    FGWs HSTs in standard class. No, just no. GNERs brown intrerior not far behind. --- old post above --- --- new post below --- The stupid thing is, that refurb looks worse than what is was replacing. FGW had the best standard class going. Was there any need to do any different?
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    Desiro vs Electrostar ride

    The SE 375s had quite a cheap interior from new. This is often quite obvious. However the seats are more comfortable than pretty much any Siemens stock here in the UK
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    Most uncomfortable seating

    Bingo! Try sitting two slim people next to each other, as I once had the pleasure of. None of us could move without knocking each other. I thought id put on loads of weight without realising it. Combine that with everything else about the seats, and you have what definitely rivals as one of the...
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    Rumour that Chiltern are going to lease class 68s to replace 67s (confirmed)

    Please dont try and read my mind. It will very rarely work. I thought i had seen it mentioned by Chiltern. If not, I apologise. Quite how it can be something i thought may happen, god knows, as I have no idea what the loadings are like on the whole. So your comment makes no sense. I can only...
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    How much rolling stock wouldn't meet this criteria

    Well partly a preference of mine, and partly my interpretation of high quality. My interpretation extends to comfort, which of course is subjective, but as I said, so is the term 'high quality' hence why it means nothing.
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    Rumour that Chiltern are going to lease class 68s to replace 67s (confirmed)

    Wasnt aware of that. Just going by something i believe Chiltern mentioned.
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    Rumour that Chiltern are going to lease class 68s to replace 67s (confirmed)

    Wouldnt want to say on tha one, although its probably a close run thing. There are extra benefits to the 68s though. Like the ability to extend the trains if necessary. They will also have nippier acceleration than the 67s I would imagine.
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    Favourite Station to Interchange at

    I totally forgot about Carlisle in my post. Glad others have mentioned it. Marvellous station, marvellous City. Spacious, light and airy. Amazingly i also have a soft spot for Crewe, although the station really is in need of some TLC.
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    How much rolling stock wouldn't meet this criteria

    Hard seats arent necessary to comply with modern standards. The hard seats are because they are cheaper than softer seats. Hence why i said that from my point of view, the 444s would benefit from nicer seats. They would still comply with modern standards.
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    How much rolling stock wouldn't meet this criteria

    It is entirely subjective. What one person says would fit, another will say doesnt. High Quality- What does this mean? Plenty of people will claim nothing post privatisation fits this requirement. However, unfortunately, everything is described as high quality nowadays, so you cant really...
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    Class 68 Progress, what's the latest?

    Dirty Skoda! Still not working!!!