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  • 707 Trained (28/11/2017 - 01/12/2017)(Passed Out 01/12/2017 debut 21/12/2017)
    Juniper Driver
    Juniper Driver
    Train Failure [email protected] Woking November 2019...My first outright failure on a class 159...
    Juniper Driver
    Juniper Driver
    Forgot about a classic train failure in 2017 Involving 456/455/455....Middle 455 suffered MA Failure (Driving from 456) somehwre near Cobham on an early morning train up from Guildford...Emergency brake applied after leaving Cobham...Found middle unit completely dead...Managed to limp to Surbiton where passengers were detrained....T.I.S operated and empty to Wimbledon Depot.
    Updated Traction Trained Dates:

    Class 159/0★ Trained 19/04/2001
    Class 455 Trained 01/05/1990
    Class 456 Trained 12/08/2014 (On 456001+456023)(@Straw Hill)
    Class 444/450 Trained 08/04/2004
    Class 458/0 Trained 23/02/2007
    Class 458/5 Trained 23/04/2014.Conversion (On 458533+458535)(@Wimbledon)☆
    ☆=Debut 20/08/2014

    ★=158 Sometime in 2004.Conversion
    ★=159/1 Unknown conversion date but trained on units.159101-159107.

    Ex units

    Class 442 ?/?/1993 - Feb 2007
    Slam Doors 01/05/1990 - May 2004
    Class 410 (4BEP)
    Class 411 (4CEP)
    Class 412 (4CEP)
    Class 421 (4CIG) + Greyhound
    Class 414 (2HAP)
    Class 423 (4VEP)

    Waterloo and City 1992-1994
    Class 487/482

    Originally Trained (1988) on 302/305/307/308/309/310/312/315 before transfer to Southern Region.Also may have trained on 321's but can't remember.I do remember doing my drivers assessment on them.
    Train Failures

    Jan 6 2007 Branksome 2418 hybrid with 2413 Cab? Door interlock Problems on intermediate coach.No Interlock.OOS.
    Nov 28 2010 444015+450041 Outside Basingstoke.TMS Reported brake problems on one coach (on 450041 driving from 444015).Brake applied by fault and Isolation needed for train to be moved again.
    July 23 2012 Addlestone 450566+450567 Door Interlock problems from Hounslow to Addlestone.Expiring at Addlestone.
    July 18 2014 Chessington South 8 Car 455 unable to get door interlock on three coaches fixed to an extent with only one coach troublesome after a bit of F+F.OOS and Empty to Depot.Fresh 8 Car Unit ready.Suspect failure caused by very hot day.Sun shining down on unit sttod at Chessington for over twenty minutes.

    EDITED 24/09/2014
    My Avatar posted today is 458019 waiting at Reading to work the 0812 Reading - Waterloo Service on 14 March 2011....This is noted as only my second four car working,the first being a set of empties to Clapham Yard..Another amazing fact for 458019 is it was also on the second ever Reading I worked with a class 458 on 1320 Reading on March 8 2007 My 458 debut turn with 458021.

    Out of date,new avatar posted.
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