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  • I like your Health and Safety B******* and how very true.Tied down by this stuff and yet they still let idiots drive cars ;)
    Your blog is the most interesting out of the lot, your views on the Health and Safety nazis mirror mine, keep up with the ranting.
    Small world Justin! I did 2 things on t'internet today: joined the rail UK forums and posted a message about drinking water at stations, and (quite independently, via a google search) found the www.aerialsandtv.com website because I need some bits! Turns out there is a connection - you! Very much enjoyed your rant about your boyhood visit to the railway museum at York, which I also visited mid 60's and it remains with me to this day, the same. I'm also born and bred in Sheffield... better stop there, it is getting weird!
    Best Regards
    John Sutton
    PS I'll be calling you next weeks for 2 tees and a wallplate (hoping to lessen the £10 p&p charge :-)
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