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    Dawlish Sea Wall

    I didn't know the wall was closed. I know they've been making improvements, but wasn't aware of closure. Let's hope it opens soon.
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    Rail Charter Services to operate loco hauled trains between Skipton & Appleby.

    Cracking post MackemPacer. You make me want to visit. :)
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    Now Playing....

    Just listen....
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    Now Playing....

    Classic here... RIP Peter Green.
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    We have him at Preston North End. Touch wood, he's caused no trouble.
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    Aviation Discussion

    Here's one... Just love that wing wave!
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    Born in Blackpool, 1960, moved to Preston at 2 years old. Preston North End for ever. 59 years old now!! ;)
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    Princes Risborough (Let me get a clue together.....) Can't think of a clue, so open floor.
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    Now Playing....

    Beautiful song from Roger. I miss Queen. I grew up with Freddie, John, Roger and Brian. Enjoy people. Roger puts this situation into perspective. Listen closely folks.
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    Special Offers Discussion

    Do you have a link? I thought Virgin Trains no longer existed? I used to enjoy the Megabus offer to Glasgow for £1.
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    Guess the Station...

    Nice one Gricer. I thought my location should have been obvious. Here's the full picture...
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    Guess the Station...

    You're in the right area, but it's not Horwich.
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    Guess the Station...

    Sorry. Not Parbold.
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    Guess the Station...

    You are close. But it's not Buckshaw.