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    When did train codes cease to be displayed on trains?

    Surely that was wrong? The rear of the train should have carried the red panels in the headcode display to protect the rear of the train????
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    Thread to name places for good food, hot drinks or alcohol (or even takeaway sarnies) close to stations

    This is a reaction to the SSP station catering thread . So list your alternatives here. BUT must be close to the train station. Might as well include places to avoid too. 1643127891 I will start with Esquires, 31 Broadway, Bradford BD1 1HA. Nice coffee, and snacks, and 0.3 miles from Forster...
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    When did train codes cease to be displayed on trains?

    And some of the Pope specials had HF (Holy Father)
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    What am I missing... Std v 1st Class

    stevenage to reading. what would you get for your ££££? Comfy seat? maybe a free coffee between Paddington and Reading. or maybe not. I cant see the point of 1st Class unless a 2.5hr or more train ride.
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    Any news when church Fenton - Colton Jct goes live?
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    Select Service Partner - Unfair Monopoly

    station catering does not have the overhead of huge car parks and a requirement to be open 24/7, which motorway services have as a bit of an excuse.
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    Select Service Partner - Unfair Monopoly

    We have to be careful here. Many outlets (not just station) with established brands are in fact franchises. Many Costas are franchises, run by independent companies. So just because you see a name you are familiar with on the high st, don't assume its not run by SSP or similar. (Costas on the...
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    Two-day trip down to London

    Did you plan it or did you just go with the flow? If you planned it did it go wrong at all?
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    Personal Nostalgia

    Going between Mk1 coaches at speed as a kid. Bit scary. The little plastic signs saying what the veneer was inside the coaches. The arms between the seats that went up and down in corridor compartments. 'Do not use while standing at stations' signs in the loos. And the green sinks Casey Jones...
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    Pacer popularity in preservation

    Saw a 144 at Airedale hospital yesterday. 55801 from 144001
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    Convenience Stores in South Wales To Sell Rail Tickets

    There is some api websites use to find the 'nearest' - It thinks Barrow in Furness is close to Liverpool and Lancaster! How you program actual 'nearness' I dont know.
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    Mispronounced station names

    Good job Alcester closed some decades ago then !!! (Locals call it 'olsta'. Brummies say it how it's spelled)
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    England National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS)

    Really? How about finding a bus in Kirkby Stephen or millom.
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    Non existent station on departure board!

    There was Melton between Selby and Hull. It was in the Baker rail atlas with an asterisk. And only appeared as a footnote in the BR passenger timetable. Never did work out what was going on. Its has a Wiki entry but I cant find mention of it in 1978 BR passenger Timetbale
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    Trivia: ”Single station” towns with station name suffixes

    Not to do with skinny dippers in Morecambe Bay then :)