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  • Cheers for accepting our friend request, Vic!

    I've yet to actually post anything on this forum! When the time comes! :)

    Just noticed you were on so I thought I say hi :)

    Hope everything is going well for you at present.
    Thanks for the link SouthEastern. I've seen the database before, but it certainly makes for interesting reading :)

    Thanks again :)
    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for getting back to me, we would be really interested to have a woman’s contribution within the documentary being a predominantly male hobby, as it is our aim to show a variety of train enthusiasts.

    Would it be possible for you to email me a brief biography of yourself such as where you are from, how you became interested in trains, what other interests you have and any other information you feel necessary – my email address is at the bottom.

    Look forward to hearing from you in the near future,

    Hazel Anson
    York St. John University
    Tel: 07933 606 607
    [email protected]
    Dear Kernowfem,
    Apologies for not getting in touch sooner, myself and the executive producer have been in talks to green light the documentary and I am pleased to let you know we will be going ahead with the film.
    Following your previous expressed interest we would like to know more about your personal experiences and involvement with rail enthusiasm and your suitability for the documentary.
    Our preliminary filming dates will be sometime in March, if you cannot film at all in this month or you no longer wish to take part in the film please don’t hesitate to let me know.
    We may want to meet with you in person in the near future – preferably late January if possible. Please contact me with a suitable date and contact number and I will be in touch.
    It would be helpful if you could also provide me with further information such as your age, location and any outside interests you have which we will expand on if we meet.
    Kind regards,

    Hazel Anson
    Tel: 07933606067
    A large part of manchester victoria station (formerly the bay platforms 1 to 10) are built on the site of walkers croft graveyard.
    When the station got enlarged in 1899 the bodies got dug up & moved to clear the site to make way for 10 new platforms (the river irk also got diverted into a culvert under platforms 1 to 3),an undercroft of underground offices were also built under the new platforms where the bodies once were.

    I sometimes used to go into these dimly lit underground offices as they were latterly used for archive storage,It was spooky yet strangely peacefull too.

    The metrolink platforms & a car park now occupy the site of walkers croft graveyard.
    Hello Kernowfem.

    I notice you started the haunted railways discussion, I am a huge believer in the paranormal, but don't have any stories about the railway to share, but the thread has made me think of a story I've heard recently about a spirit in Chicago called "Resurrection Mary"

    This story, is unlike any other that has surfaced as it has no flaws and no inconsistencies like other stories have.

    I thought you may be interested to read about her appearances as it is frankly peculiar!


    I hope you find the story interesting.

    - Dai.
    I've heard that Holborn Viaduct station (closed just over 20 years ago) used to be haunted. When the station was demolished it is estimated that over 100 skeletons from an ancient burial site were disturbed.
    Just wanted to say thank you to you for originating the 'are our railways haunted?' thread. I'm enjoying it immensely. Is there anything more fun than spooky stories?? Anyway, thanks for a great idea. And best wishes, of course! Cheers, Jim.
    I used to work Glazebrook East Jct Signal Box when i was a signalman.

    On nights i sometimes heard what clearly sounded like footsteps & noises coming from downstairs in the locking room under the box even though it was all locked up secure & nobody was in there.
    One night shift in the early hours i got fed up of being disturbed by these noises & went to investigate them.
    I unlocked the locking room door,opened it,switched on all the lights in the locking room,i checked all inside the place expecting to find something logical,like an animal causing the noise but found nothing.
    Having found nothing i left turning out all the lights & locking the door behind me.
    I later mentioned what i had heard to two other signalmen who also worked the box,who told me that they had also heard similar noises on nights there.

    I later got told that apparantly an S&T technician died in the locking room of Glazebrook East Box (possibly from a heart attack)in the late 1960s
    OMG A WOMAN :o!!

    Prepare yourself, 37401 will be here once he catches onto the above fact :lol:. (I'm so mean)
    Hi, cos the discussion around your posting is really silly - Not yours by the way!!! Anyway, Charfield near to Bristol is Haunted, train crash in late 1920's i think. I worked their for 6 weekends as an ES on track and definately something really weird under the bridge where the site access was. I only found out about the two ghosts after the second weekend there and my much moaning about it feeling perculiar under the bridge!
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