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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    Think we’ll see 701’s on the Reading’s allowing 458’s to go back on the Windsor’s to replace the 707’s and they may end up on the SWML locals but not all depots that work the SWML sign the 458’s I believe
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    Mid Hants Railway

    That has to be rare to see the hunslet austerity out on non Thomas events. Is this a first or does she do a couple of days year, imagine only 4 weeks use a year just for Thomas themed events aren’t enough to keep her operational
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    So any idea when the shovels will go into the ground to start on the upgrade?
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    ECML Electrified Diversion Routes

    how often is Doncaster Decoy used by LNER/ HT / GC?
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    Northern Class 331: Construction/Introduction Updates

    BPN to the Grove is a 5hr turn (10units) BPN to the Airport is a 4hr turn (8) BPN to Lime street is 3hr turn (6) 31 3 car Class 331’s and for all to be doubles it is 24, so very possible with what Northern have.
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    Friend of mine at SWR said the 707 are looking at going first due to them having a new home with 458’s shuffled into the Windsor line locals until enough 701’s are up and running but this just back room chat nothing confirmed
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    LNER Kings Cross to Leeds services

    If they are only keeping around 10 sets it won’t be enough to cover Leeds and York turns plus maintenance. Leeds 12 diagrams include Harrogate extensions York stoppers requires 3. So I feel plenty of Azuma’s will still pop up fairly often
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    First West Yorkshire & York discussion

    Finished work the other day and it seems the Steertlites are finally having there auto announcements activated on the 49 in the Monkswood- Bramley direction... that’s taken a good while to get that system working
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    First West Yorkshire & York discussion

    Bendy’s back on the 4’s! Never thought that would happen again. Assume they are ex park & ride?
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    Could definitely see the Liverpool’s running over the Calder Valley, airports via Guide Bridge, with Huddersfield could see maybe a peak extra to and from Leeds/ Man pic to help with peak crowds. Picc throat issue could see Crewe/Apt- Picc extended via Cord to Vic to keep the cord in use?
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    TPE Nova 3 (Class 68 + Mk5s) Diagrams (no images please)

    With Scarborough becoming a shuttle from York next week- will the 68 Mk5s be used or will it a couple of 185’s running back and forth?
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    Your experiences of unbelievable rolling stock diagram allocations (past and present)

    SWT/SWR have been known for running the Class 455‘a down ti Haslemere during engineering work when a shuttle operates to Woking with a half hourly from Pompey going up the New Line. Haslemere is on the destination blinds of the Class 455’s as well
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    Your experiences of unbelievable rolling stock diagram allocations (past and present)

    Northern’ use of Class 180 on morning peak into Leeds. Previous Northern franchise leasing 180’s in the North West on the Blackpool/Preston-Victoria/ Hazel Grove must have been a nice upgrade from 150’s & 142’s
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    Trivia: Less obvious stations on a through route where passenger services terminate/start

    back in the 1990’s South West Trains used to run an hourly Guildford-West Croydon service
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    electric-hauled class 325

    Rostered driver might not sign the the 325 hence the Class 90 hooked to the front?