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    Northern Class 142 sightings

    078 was out last Saturday, and we were lucky to get two nice long rides on it: Manchester Victoria to Blackburn and Clitheroe to Rochdale. I figured that might be the end of 142s in the north for me. But still they carry on. What would be VERY useful, as someone who lives in London, would be...
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    Northern Class 142 sightings

    Unidentified 142+150 working 1117 Blackburn to Rochdale. Should work the 1242 back all being well.
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    Northern Class 142 sightings

    We're coming up from London for what I hope will be a final day of Pacer bashing around the North West tomorrow. Like others, I'd appreciate any info on workings from first thing and as the day goes on, and will likewise post anything we find. Fingers crossed Storm Dennis doesn't stop the job!
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    District Line D Stock final withdrawal

    Really? I've never been on one that's cold enough! And I'm by no means a complete fat b*st*rd! They could all do with being made a couple of degrees cooler, as if you're too cold you can always another layer. Those of us still too warm can't always take anything else off! Those new New York...
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    Ryanair and Easyjet

    7. Purchase a set of empty 100ml bottles for around 99p in Ikea and decant your own stuff into them at home, carrying them through security in a little clear plastic bag. Shampoo, shower gel, face wash, deodorant and toothpaste. Sorted. I can do two weeks + with just that.
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    Annoying projector lady arrives at King's Cross tube

    At least the one at Waterloo, at the top of the Jubilee line escalators, has now gone!
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    Stansted coach changes - a bit of a mess

    I think they've gone quota controlled, rather than a fixed price for 30 or 7 days in advance. Checking Tottenham Hale to Stansted each day from 4 March, the fares fluctuate between £9 and £11, with the first £7.50 ticket appearing on 2 April.
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    Would this be honoured? East Kilbride to Tweedbank

    It's possible to go a lot further than East Kilbride too ;)
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    I see this quite frequently, off-peak. Sadly, there are enough of the bleeding heart mob on the Tube who give them £1 or so to still make it worthwhile :(
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    Passenger behaviour question

    We left Blackpool North on a 3 car TPE 185 earlier this year, and walking onto the platform 5 minutes before departure, the rear carriage was full and standing. We got an empty table in the front carriage.
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    Caledonian Sleeper discussion

    Saw my friend off on the 23:50 Glasgow earlier. As it turns out, it left 70 late due to a broken down freight train up the line, but more annoyingly, they were short a few coaches so her lower bunk in coach E (gone!) had become a top bunk in coach D. Lots of staff and BTP were on hand to advise...
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    Tirana / Albania - anyone been?

    And this is the arrival of said train at Shkoder.
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    Tirana / Albania - anyone been?

    Myself and a friend flew into Tirana around 6 years ago... we travelled by train to Durres then up to Shkoder. Blagged a lift across the border into Montenegro with the local chief of police! The attached was genuinely one of three carriages on our Durres - Shkoder train. The other two carriages...