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    BR1B/BR1 railway keys

    Just like carriage keys, BR1 keys are not exclusive to the national railway as BR consistently sold off rolling stock to preservation societies and individuals. Im not aware that any stipulation was made that locks must be changed and so I can’t see any illegality in selling a useful piece of...
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    Cycle Panniers

    Have you looked at the Decathlon website? They have a range of panniers at prices that wont break the bank. I can’t vouch for them personally but the reviews seem quite good and I have purchased kayaking equipment from them that was excellent quality.
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    Avanti West Coast gave me a £142.10 fine.

    I wonder how the scenario would have ended if the customer produced an all line rover. Obviously, that would have covered the whole journey from Crewe to London and so what could (would) the TM have done?
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    8-car Class 700 on Peterborough to Horsham service

    Well, I’ve read the thread twice but still can’t work out what an RLU is.
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    Locked in at Blackburn Station

    Stations do not have a standard door key, that is why there are various locations (e.g. Blackpool) that are designated locations for duplicate keys. The no.16 padlock is normally used at locations that require 24hr access such as stabling sidings or access to lineside cabinets and other...
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    Trivia - Longest journey between platforms (without using the footbridge)

    Seascale on the Cumbrian Coast has no footbridge, and the only way from one side to the other is via a narrow road bridge under the railway with no footway, and on such a sharp bend that there are mirrors provided for motorists to see on-coming traffic. If you were to preclude that route for a...
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    Locked in at Blackburn Station

    Good luck finding one of those at Blackburn!
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    Trivia: Common railway related fallacies

    That HS2 is being built simply to allow Brummies to get to London quicker.
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    Platform Stop Boards Policy

    The manager who thought of the humps did NOT get an award.
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    Buying Interrail from stations on the continent

    That’s interesting because I’m intending to purchase a single country pass some time next year and was planning to order direct. Do you happen to know how much they charge in postage?
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    Buying Interrail from stations on the continent

    Isn’t it easiest just to purchase direct from interrail.eu ? They offer mobile passes as an option but issue paper passes as well. Just choose at checkout.
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    ScotRail Industrial Relations issues (including conductor strike action)

    I think you will find that this a public forum, and people from all political persuasions are allowed to comment.
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    Revenue Inspectors - do they avoid saturdays?

    They tend to be utilised differently on a Saturday. With the large number of events on a weekend they can often be found performing station barrier checks for football matches, food markets, festivals and all the other events that bring large crowds to a single location.
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    Lumo - new Open Access operator on the East Coast Main Line

    In that case then, it seems that Lumo is not for you.
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    Carlisle Station Improvements

    That image is from a County Council consultation document that gives more detail of the scheme. https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/elibrary/Content/Internet/538/755/44460144942.pdf