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    Italy-Switzerland ticketing

    Can't promise it's the cheapest option, but if you book Milano to Chiasso on Trenitalia and Chiasso to Erstfeld on SBB then it seems to work for the 09:43 train. Will also let you take advantage of SBB Supersaver (Advance) tickets on the Swiss part of the journey.
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    Stansted Airport to Ipswich

    Thanks everyone for your responses! Hadn't considered travelling via Chelmsford so thanks for the suggestion! Seems like a good connection into the Intercity to Ipswich if the bus is on time, which gives a very attractive journey time! I considered National Express but I'll have 2 hours between...
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    Stansted Airport to Ipswich

    Hello, Looking to travel from Stansted Airport to Ipswich on 19 December and Ipswich to London Liverpool St on 27 December. Have a 26-30 Railcard. Am I right in thinking I can buy an Off Peak Return from Stansted Airport to Ipswich Not via London for £18.15 and excess the return part to Any...
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    Price War between York and Newcastle involving VTEC/TPE/XC

    From what I understand, at least on some websites, if a new three-character ticket code gets created (e.g. CDR, SVR, FHR etc.) then those tickets won't appear for sale on the website until someone has manually allowed those tickets to be shown for sale. I seem to recall that when First Great...
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    Railtrip in Poland

    It may be worth purchasing an NUS Extra card with ISIC (International Student Identity Card) if you haven't already. ISIC is widely accepted in Poland to get a student discount, but a normal student card from your university is unlikely to be accepted. For example, with an ISIC you can get...
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    Is higher education still worth it?

    If you have a good 'STEM' degree, there are plenty of jobs out there. Yes, a lot of them are in London, but I would argue it is easier to get an appropriate job outside London, since from my experience most graduates working in these fields want to work in London.
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    The outlook for today's youngsters

    I possess a good degree from a top tier university and am now in a well-paid and well-respected job. I wouldn't be in the job I am in now without work experience I gained in my summer holidays as well as my degree. I strongly recommend getting whatever work experience you can in your summer...
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    Warrington Bank Quay - Llandudno Junction via Crewe

    Actually, some Pricing Managers do read this forum every day at work and so it is no coincidence that loopholes get removed so quickly.
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    Harwich Int to Peterborough

    The situation occurs because there are 3 possible train connections between Manningtree and Ipswich which connect between the same trains from Harwich to Manningtree and Ipswich to Peterborough. 2 of those 3 trains are reservable which means you can get an Advance ticket for the through...
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    Harwich Int to Peterborough

    You can get an Advance ticket for £17.50 if you book by midnight tonight. Harwich International 8:33 - Peterborough 11:39 (Harwich Int 8:33 - Manningtree 8:50 Manningtree 9:31 - Ipswich 9:43 Ipswich 9:58 - Peterborough 11:39) Search on the Greater Anglia website, then click on 'Results are...
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    Virgin Trains East Coast price rise and changes to off peak from September 4th

    Absolutely - but there are more effective things that VTEC could be doing to increase their revenue e.g. I have found some very overpriced Advance tickets and I am confident that reducing prices for such trains would increase total revenue. From personal experience I know that simply putting...
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    Virgin Trains East Coast price rise and changes to off peak from September 4th

    But charging more doesn't necessarily lead to higher revenue. What it has led to is airlines on the same route getting more competitive by reducing their prices and the need for more seat sales at vastly reduced prices.
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    Ticket Barriers retaining tickets

    This whole retention of tickets seems to be a very British thing. Across the rest of Europe, where there are automatic or manual ticket checks at stations, I have never come across tickets being retained on exit. With more tickets being mobile, print at home, smartcards or paper tickets issued...
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    Off peak singles and promotional returns

    I think there is a cheaper option. 1. Buy Bristol to Weymouth *return*, via Yeovil outward and then excess the return portion to via Salisbury. Travel to Weymouth using the outward portion and travel from Weymouth to Southampton Central using the return portion. Break of journey is allowed. 2...
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    (Rail)tripping in E. Europe

    Budapest is an amazing city, but if you want to make the most of the city, I think you really need at least 3 days there. This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but if I was in your position I'd probably do Budapest (3 days) - Bratislava (1 day) - Prague (3 days), although you could...