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    Northern Rail - Trainee conductor - Assessment day

    I can't say for certain, but I imagine they would include things along the lines of: "Can you give an example of when... " you dealt with an emergency? you had to manage confrontation? you worked on your own initiative? you communicated effectively? you provided good service?
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    Poor publicity surrounding ENCTS eligibility for people with certain handicaps

    Unless you would have purchased a car, taxed, insured, fuelled and maintained it for 12 years, not to mention taken driving lessons and driving tests, all for less than £3,600, you haven't "lost" anything, surely?
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    Is there a recommended approach in this situation?

    Quite possibly. If I saw a bus on route with a 30 minute frequency, departing 7 minutes 'early' I would probably assume that it was the previous journey running late for some reason.
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    Cheshire East council release list of services to lose subsidy

    Presumably related to fact that Mow Cop is 'over the border' in Staffordshire then. Incidentally, I believe this is the reason why the service was cut back from operating the full length Congleton - Hanley (Stoke-on-Trent City Centre), the 3 local authorities couldn't agree who should pay what...
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    Walton bus driver 'ordered mother and crying child off bus'

    I can only assume that some people posting in this thread have never had the 'pleasure' of driving a bus with a screaming child on board. A bit of crying? That's fine. It's understandable, acceptable and pretty much ignorable. A child crying, regularly punctuated by an almost deafening, loud...
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    Cheshire East council release list of services to lose subsidy

    The 77 certainly isn't the only service in Mow Cop, unless you meant the only service from Mow Cop to Congleton? There's still the hourly 99A to Newcastle(-under-Lyme) via Kidsgrove and Tunstall (one of the 6 towns that makes up the City of Stoke-on-Trent), which offers plenty of chance for...
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    Excusing poor performance of bus operators

    Could it be anything to do with passenger loadings? There's all sorts of things to take into account there; busy overall, a handful of very busy stops, stopping very frequently, a higher proportion of elderly passengers etc etc etc.
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    I think I'd be inclined to agree, if for no other reason than it seeming incredibly odd for the EMT Crewe-Derby service to use a class 1 headcode. That said, I'd also be interested to know how much difference, from an operational point of view, it actually makes nowadays, especially for...
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    TOC's serving Rugeley Trent Valley

    It used to get the hourly Stafford - Birmingham via Cannock service. Since the introduction of VHF/LM Trent Valley service, that service now terminates at Rugeley Trent Valley, no longer continuing to Stafford.
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    Most hated rolling stock

    And the seat cushions fall off if you sit/lean too far forward.
  11. L this station has a short platform

    I was on the 2007 Nottingham - Derby service a few days ago, an EMT HST originating from St. Pancras. Announced that standard class pax would need to move up to First Class to alight at Long Eaton. I was almost surprised that the two RPO's remained in the quiet coach at the rear of the train!
  12. L this station has a short platform

    And just to upset the first class punters, standard class folk sometimes have to alight via first class.
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    FirstGroup: General Discussion

    Which, if correct, equates to less than £150 a day (slightly more if you take into accout non-operational days etc). Obviously it's not ideal, but it's hardly a huge loss!
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    How Well Do Current TOC's Compare to BR on Lateness / Cancellations

    Surely the purpose of any such comparison would be to show what improvements (or not) there have been to delay/cancellation rates as a result of the changes to the network/rolling stock etc. since privatisation? I'm not sure what sort of comparison you would be aiming to draw by attempting to...
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    United Utilities WATER RATES annual standing charge

    Is it the standing charge which also covers the costs associated with sewer and drainage arrangements? I know there's something on my (Severn Trent) water bill which states to the effect that you are liable to that charge unless you can prove that no sewage or waste water, including rain water...