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  • Hi Liam,
    Im obviously new to this forum, and Ive been reading back through old posts and noticed that youve recently passed the driver assessments etc. for SWT. Congratulations!
    Now I wonder if you can help me: Ive passed the assessments myself, and am now waiting for my structured and manager interviews, and its safe to say Im getting slightly nervous and stressed! How did you find them both? Any tips? Id appreciate any advice mate.
    Hi mate,
    I'm doing good thanks, just started my training this week actually!
    Unfortunately I'm not a guard though so can't really give you any good advice on your interview.....maybe try one of he other guys on the forum.
    Sorry I can't really help you! Good luck tho let me know how it goes.
    Hi Liam86,
    Its been a while, how are you doing?
    Just a quick question and I would be delighted to hear from you.
    I have my interview for the position of Guard, Waterloo next Tue. In the role play, supposing I was to deal with a passenger who is late for an important meeting as a result of train delay, what do you suggest would be the best way to go about the situation?
    Am just preparing myself and I really do want this job, please kindly help.
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