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    Differently named annexes to major stations

    Southport London Street was the excursion platform at Southport Chapel Street, passengers had to exit through the ticket barrier at Chapel Street station, exit the station onto London Street and then pass through the ticket barrier on London Street to access the trains, whereas staff just walked...
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    Liverpool St James - reopening - new name required

    I fear Merseytravel have given us some bad choices here. The city prefix 'Liverpool' implies to me that it is a) a Principal station/interchange b) in the city centre c) probably a terminus You only have to think Manchester Victoria, Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Oxford Road as an...
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    Which tramways have you used?

    Cliff railway: Centre for Alternative Technology (Machynlleth) Defunct tramways: I'm reliably informed that I was taken on the Liverpool trams as a child (but I don't remember that, but I do remember the tracks and wires being in place).
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    RAIB Investigation costs (estimate)

    Many modern cars do have 'event data recorders', which, whilst not of the sophistication of a telematics box, record data such as speed, braking, attitude on the road, steering, whether emergency equipment has activated (air bags, antilock braking, seatbelts in use or not). The EDR is usually...
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    Happy new year!

    Hope it's a great year for everybody! Happy New Year!
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    Trivia: What's the longest possible journey a train could make between two UK stations without reversing?

    Correct. Sorry Backontrack this area is a bit of a Bermuda triangle for your plans! This Youtube video of a cab ride on an Open Golf special shows that both lines of the south curve are blocked by buffers. 30:42
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    The Midnight Train...?

    Duffy is right though. There's a 00.01 train from Rock Ferry to Chester...
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    Historic station name changes

    I've heard this version too.
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    Trivia: What's the longest possible journey a train could make between two UK stations without reversing?

    Unfortunately you would run into the buffers at Ormskirk and need to reverse
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    Historic station name changes

    Caergwrle opened as Bridge End in 1872, the became Caergwrle Castle in 1898, later becoming Caergwrle Castle and Wells, becoming Caergwrle in the 1970s. However, the next station along the line: Hope opened in 1866 as Caergwrle! It then became Hope Village in 1899 and finally Hope in 1974. Just...
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    Historic station name changes

    Marsh Lane and Strand Road reflected that there were entrances to the platforms at one end form Marsh Lane, and from the other end of the platforms, from Strand Road. Renamed Bootle New Strand in 1968 when the adjacent New Strand Shopping Centre opened. (Entrance now on Washington Parade after a...
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    Historic station name changes

    Parbold (on the Southport-Wigan line) was originally Newborough, then Newburgh for Parbold, then Parbold for Newborough, then Parbold, reverting to Parbold for Newborough, and now it's back to Parbold again!
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    Information phrases which grate

    'You are not obliged to say anything, but anything you do say may be written down and used in evidence' etc. I know my boss didn't like hearing it when an Inspector called. (not on the railway)
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    Historic station name changes

    Southport Central was opened in 1882, and (at that time) had nothing to do with the Cheshire Lines, but was the terminus of the West Lancashire Railway, and was named to distinguish it from the existing L&Y Southport Chapel Street. Shortly after the Cheshire Lines did arrive in Southport with a...
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    Mispronounced station names

    Not sure about 'purity'. Our English teacher used to get us to say the phrase 'A fair for fur dealers': if the three 'fur' sounds were identical when spoken then you qualified as full scouse. Having said that the Scouse (and South Lancashire) pronunciation of 'book' and 'brook' is probably...