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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    Comment by 'LM Class 323' in media 'PWNED'

    @jp4712 i know if i offended you i will be very sorry and if you dont like the pic ill delete it Hasan
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    New addons.

    Class 450 Is Being Made By The Railworks Team :D
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    Depots open days : Is there any?

    Tysley Is Open In May/April ???
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    New addons.

    Trains Class 323 Class 350 Class 321 Class 91 Routes Birmingham Cross City Line And West Coast Main Line Expansion Pack ( Euston Birmingham - Redditch Or Manchester And Linked Up To The WCML North
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    Class 314

    and me stfilms85 at yahoo dot com
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    Stations with a service in one direction only on bi-directional lines?

    Shenstone On Cross City Line Because Trains Stop There Both Directions Each Hour & Its A Double Track Station
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    Circle or H&C line?

    Hammersmith And City Is From London Paddington To Hammersmith ( Next To Fgw Platforms ) And Circle Is From Paddington To ????
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    Anne/Sarah's announcements

    i hear'ed her do a announcement at duddeston station
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    Livery lists for LM,XC,EM,NX

    Should Go Down There And Have A Look :) Thanks For Info
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    Livery lists for LM,XC,EM,NX

    They Got A London Midland Class 171 Torbostar Thats Being Tested On The Old ????? Test Track ( I Forgot The Name Of The Test Track Sorry ! :( )
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    Comment by 'LM Class 323' in media 'PWNED'

    i put a worker on the track and watched a few trains go over it.
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    TrainSim Screenshots [Large Images]

    LOLWUT Picture Link Above
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  15. Railworks Pics

    Railworks Pics