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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    I don't believe the Bid Team were totally to blame- the well known railway experts at the DfT also had some say in the spec for the 745/1's. You are absolutely right though - they are the wrong fit for the LST- NRW, absolutely useless for the business traveller and not much better for the...
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    Did BR ever run service trains with the specific intention of appealing to enthusiasts?

    Had 46008 (LA allocated) on a merrymaker Huntingdon to Waverley when I was a mere slip of a lad. Probably not put on for enthusiasts I reckon- maybe FP were struggling for a 47 and it happened to be around!
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    Lots of lobbying to open old railways recently!

    Lots of coverage in the local rags in Norfolk about it. Specifically Dereham to Norwich and Kings Lynn to sunny Hunny. Much as I'd like to see it I don't think either one has got much chance.
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    Transport Select Committee 24 June - Including plans to centralise control of Railways

    Normally targets are written into the contract which if achieved or exceeded triggers a bonus payment over and above the management fee.
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    Transport Select Committee 24 June - Including plans to centralise control of Railways

    Much as I accept the industry needs to change I fear Mr Shapps has little idea of the complexities of the railway which coupled with his way of doing business may bring further conflict with the TU's. But then again, maybe thats what he wants?
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    Transport Select Committee 24 June - Including plans to centralise control of Railways

    Nope? Two comments: Going to a TFL model- Not exactly a model of efficiency, and profitability. Grossly over staffed. At least getting rid of paper tickets completely would remove the need for ticket offices which would be a big saving overall in staff costs.
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    RMT in dispute with SWR regarding ‘guardian angels’

    Worth his 6 figure salary plus extras then.
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    RMT in dispute with SWR regarding ‘guardian angels’

    Correct. Someone suggests to Grant Shapps that because there might be a problem with queue management and social distancing at some large stations a volunteer organisation could assist like at the Olympics, while at the same time showing the country pulling together and giving some people...
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    RMT in dispute with SWR regarding ‘guardian angels’

    As I understand it, the volunteers (if it goes ahead) will be assisting in managing social distancing queues OUTSIDE busy stations, where capacity on trains and the station itself require it. They won't get anywhere near a train or anything remotely railway related. The whole idea came from a...
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    Stations to avoid and why

    Most stations on the West Anglia Inners out of LST, up to and including Hertford East. I felt safer patrolling Basra for 4 months in a Snatch Landrover.
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    Wisbech-March line reopening cost increase to £200m

    Is the March- Wisbech line a viable option or just a local pipe dream?. It just seems any local politician who wants to get his name in the paper only has to propose reopening a railway line. Recently I've heard our local MP proposing direct services from Dereham to Norwich and Cambridge and...
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    Dangerous overcrowding at Stratford 31st Jan

    Basically the station cannot handle the volume of passengers coming in and out of the area and it's likely to get worse. Once again, the area round the station has been developed with housing, offices, Westfield, WHFC etc without any thought being given to the station being able to cope. It...
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    Any contact between the current operator and franchise team during preparation of any franchise bid is forbidden. Even if the two elements are effectively from the same owning group. Get caught and that's effectively the end of the franchise bid.
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    After two trips on 007 this week my only criticisms are: First: Second trip was in the leading first class compartment directly behind the cab which was quite noisy- presumably the whine from the traction motors- not as bad as the first trip in the main compartment. Second: Not really the...