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    6A11 (Robeston Sidings - Theale Murco) on fire near Llanelli (27/08)

    Only if people went up to it, stood close to it for some time and/or handled it. Nuclear waste is not even transported until its activity had decayed to relatively low levels, typically after several years in storage under water if it is classified as high level waste. OTOH I have worked at...
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    Trivia: Busiest level crossings by both road and rail usage combined

    In inner South London there seems to have been much trouble taken to avoid level crossings, sometimes with roads dipping under the railway. However places like Barnes and Merton were country areas when those lines were built and level crossings were not seen as a problem at the time. No, it...
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    Car collides with train in Renfrewshire

    So this is not a level crossing case, he went through gates (chained and padlocked in the Google Street View link that 68000 gave) that look meant for engineering access to the railway. At first I thought the gates were aligned with the approach road of a T Junction, but the Street View...
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    Stonehaven derailment

    I have seen nothing here that belittles the incident. I have been on a railway accident investigation myself and can assure you that the conclusion will not be influenced by any speculation either here or in the media. I read an account from a nearby farmer who saw the smoke. Maybe he was the...
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    Stonehaven derailment

    You could point out that there are around five deaths every day on UK roads. They don't generally attract much media or political attention though. DfT Report for year ending June 2019
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    Rail Signals

    As well as postioning, the green of road traffic traffic lights has a blue component which helps red-green colour-blind drivers to distinguish it from the red. Railway signal greens however are a more pure green. The difference is obvious if you ever see them in the same view. In fact there...
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    Rail Signals

    Oh dear! The OP meant (I think) deliberately spraying water on the cab window to alert the driver to a red signal ahead. He is unaware of audible warnings in cabs. Are the lenses of railway signals any smaller than road ones anyway? I've never measured them but I have the impression they are...
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    When did the Tube become the Tube?

    They were not necessarily typical. Having grown up in South London myself, near to the Northern and District Lines, as did my parents, "tube" and "underground" were both used fairly interchangeably, possibly to best fit the cadence of the sentence. You might have said "tube train" as it rolls...
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    Is the UK 'overdue' a serious rail accident?

    I have worked in the UK nuclear power industry, on the safety case side, and that was certainly not our attitude. We studied possible accident scenarios and designed measures to prevent them. Of course you can include in "accident" someone in the kitchen staff cutting their finger on a knife...
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    Another lorry through the barriers at Manningtree

    Depends on timing and I don't see how that would have helped in this case. The half barrier the lorry passed first would still have come down on his trailer, and the way he swerved out to avoid the second barrier would have meant he would have hit a half barrier coming down from the opposite...
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    Various missed calls from mobile numbers

    The media have taken it up*. The basic problem is that most scam calls originate from India and the Indian legal system (probably like most nations') is not designed to cope with international wire crime. To prosecute someone in India the victim must register the complaint in India and would...
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    Various missed calls from mobile numbers

    Those are a type of scam called the Refund Scam. Also in this catagory are scams telling you that £xx will or has been taken as your Amazon Prime subs, or similar, where £xx is more than you expect or you don't subscribe anyway. Refund scams are meant to galvanise you (in joy or panic) into...
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    TRIVIA: Things you saw travelling on the LU that you don't see today

    They were making a big deal of it then. Since the unused panels elsewhere in the train were completely open for anyone to push the buttons, it was obvious they would be dead and I saw plenty of people idly pushing the buttons, not in any expectation they would do anything. I can't say I never...
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    Various missed calls from mobile numbers

    Yes, it was mostly the same material as a broadcast a few months ago, but made up with some new Covid scam stuff. That's Stephanie Hawking. You are lucky, she tells me my fee is £79.99, which does not seem to correspond with any actual Amazon fee - I looked it up as I won't have anything to do...
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    Another lorry through the barriers at Manningtree

    Look again, at 8 seconds, extreme top right corner. The barrier lowers onto the top of the trailer and bounces back up, after which it starts to come down again behind the lorry but rises again presumable because the operator has sent a "Raise" signal by them.