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    The Humble Centimetre

    Oh dear! The meter is a device for measuring things. The metre is the internationally accepted unit of length. Only the arrogant Americans think they can misspell the name of one of the fundamental units of science. What about the jewel as a unit of energy or indeed the coolom as a unit of...
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    Liberal Democrats - where next for them?

    I live on the boundary of the Kendal/ Barrow constituencies. They keep swapping market towny Furness (sans Barrow) from one to the other. This will affect the Liberal majority quite a bit.
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    Collision and derailment at Neville Hill Depot (13/11)

    So it might behove the RAIB to issue a fairly prompt interim report then?
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    Identify location in Blue Pullman film

    From the junction it is still possible to trace the course of the old trackbed up until a new business park next to the A45 and then it disappears☹️
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    Identify location in Blue Pullman film

    As per one of my posts above, I recorded the full one off Talking Pictures (Freeview 81) along with The Elizabethan, Snow, Snowdrift at Bleath Gill and The Night Mail.
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    Identify location in Blue Pullman film

    Correct! I only have a phone and find posting links difficult but a YouTube search of ‘Blue Pullman’ film brings the right one up immediately.
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    Identify location in Blue Pullman film

    Thank you very much for that information. It was the aircraft footage that caught my eye - sad that the branch has gone but that’s life! I watch ‘Talking Pictures’ (YouView 84) a lot. They do the British Transport Films and Post Office Films from time to time. Thanks again.
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    Identify location in Blue Pullman film

    I’ve just been watching the ‘Blue Pullman’ BTF film. Can anyone identify the junction and/or box at around 20:45 in? Are all the lines gone now? The whole scene is so evocative of England and its railways in that era. Not a lineside tree to be seen!
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    Train stations forced to 'beg' for toilet paper and bin bags

    Clearly needs must when the need is upon you but ‘tissues’ are made of significantly different paper to toilet paper. Attempts to flush them, as with baby wipes, end in blocked plumbing
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    Mountain treks near train stations

    I was going to suggest that. Black Combe is a hill rather than mountain but the views from on top are superb. Dumfries and Galloway all the way out to Stranraer with the IOM poking its nose in. On a truly clear day the hills/mountains of North Wales can be seen and of course there is a Lake...
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    Old Signal Boxes in the UK

    Rather an unfair comment. In reality they lose their job if caught entertaining spurious members of the public on NR safety critical property.
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    Northern Rail could be re-nationalised

    Thank you for that excellent post. Pity it was not included wholemeal in the last Queen’s speech.
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    TRIVIA: Pairs of stations that nobody has ever made a journey between

    Sixty years ago when I was a little boy my dad often took me on quirky rail journeys just for the hell of it. A popular one was from/to the two disjointed Bradford stations (Exchange & Forster square?). The modern equivalent on NRE suggests a price but then offers Shanks’ pony as transport.
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    Stations that stayed open for freight

    Not a rail expert but there’s a poignant bit in an Ian Nairn piece currently on BBC iplayer showing parcels being loaded/unloaded at Hawick some time after the Waverley line shut.
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    EU Referendum: The result and aftermath...

    “If one of them were still with us”. Conventional and correct use of the subjunctive “were” in the third person singular.