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    East Kilbride/Barrhead electrifcation

    Barrhead has two terminating services and one fast (two fasts in some hours).
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    Basel and Lyon

    Most freight into Basel comes through Germany. I tend to stick with Pratteln but have been to Bad a couple of times. Bad has some German traction that doesn’t pass Basel SBB RB, whereas Pratteln has more local Swiss freight trains. Bad has some DB passenger trains whereas Pratteln has SBB...
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    Not quite sure what the Kander Viaduct II has to do with HSTs, but I’m not convinced that the geography in the Pass of Killiecrankie would support a Killiecrankie Viaduct II. There are better Swiss examples. And if we were following the Swiss example we would likely build a new tunnel from...
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    Abellio Scotrail Franchise to end early in March 2022

    Strathclyde Passenger Transport hasn’t existed for some time. There is Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.
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    Trivia: Interesting or unusual railway stations in other countries.

    Brig to Domodossola is managed by SBB and uses Swiss voltage and train protection system. Someone mentioned bus station on top of the railway station. Check out Chur, CH. Not only does it have a bus station above the platforms, but it has different gauge railway lines and there’s a second set...
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    How Do You Add/Remove Coaches To A Train With Jacobs Bogies?

    It depends on the unit. Class 170s can happily potter about with the middle vehicle removed, or with an additional middle vehicle added. It’s a fairly rare occurrence due to the time taken to split and reform, but not impossible. Cheers, Ewan
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    There’s no 14:44 departure from Inverness. There was a 14:48 to Glasgow, but that should have been a 170. There was a refurbished HST on the 15:54 from Inverness to Edinburgh on Tuesday. The 08:34 from Edinburgh to Inverness was also a refurbished HST that day.
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    Longest line of sight (UK)
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    Speed limits and route information

    Network Rail publish the Sectional Appendix on their website. A search there will find it. That will give you speed limits but not elevation details. Ewan
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    [NL] From single deck to double-deck.....

    Driving motor coach: Driving trailer coach: Note that the motor coach is Bo-Bo-Bo. The coaches are also used with NS 1700 Class locomotives: Ewan
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    A special train from Amsterdam to Berlin on September 17, 2018

    FS do the same at Brennero. At Venlo, I watched several freight trains arrive and drop their pans as they crossed between the two voltages and then get shunted back into the correct side. Although the shunting in this case took place with a...
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    TRIVIA: Things you saw travelling on mainland European railways that you don't see today

    I watched them doing that with freight trains in Venlo when I was there a few years ago.
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    Purchasing FIP half price fares at SBB Ticket Machines

    That’s what I do when I’m in Switzerland.
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    Do Class 314s have heating?

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    [DE] Disruption upper Rhine Valley caused by Tunneling works

    There is significantly less running at the moment. Hupac are one of the big companies and are running less than a third of their weekly trains, with much freight entering Switzerland by boat to Basel. Local freights still running, plus a handful that come via France. I would expect things...