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    Regional Eurostar - what was the station plans?

    There was some row between HM Customs and Eurotunnel which scuppered it, but one might imagine the same system as in pre Schengen continental Europe, namely Officers travelling on the trains to check Passports etc. If say the last stop in England was Kensington Olympia or Ashford, they board...
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    Cambrian Heritage Railways acquires two Class 144 Pacers

    I've driven along that road. It's bizarre when you are driving along a near motorway standard road to encounter a level crossing. Presumably the railway line wasn't completely closed at the time the road was planned, but an over bridge or under bridge were considered too expensive.
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    Govenment Briefing 23rd May - Reversing Beeching Cuts

    Earlier this year, I was checking out some fare options for travel between Reading and Exeter. What I found is that whilst many trains are non-stop from Reading to Taunton, there are also trains that stop at Newbury, Westbury, Castle Cary etc. When these reach Taunton, they sit around for twenty...
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    Govenment Briefing 23rd May - Reversing Beeching Cuts

    According to wiki there was a failed proposal over ten years ago to reinstate a passing loop, thus enabling a more frequent service. Perhaps it's that or something similar.
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    Trivia: stations that were always too big for their traffic

    Until the HSTs in the 1970s, all the stations from Paddington to Reading had a platform on the down main as well as the island on the up main. the only exception being Burnham. Wiki says it wasn't opened until 1899, so a late Victorian addition.
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    Mark 2 carriage types

    From what I recall of the period, at around the same time British Railways became British Rail, it announced that in future all Second Class vehicles would be Open. That's as well as painting everything blue. The prototype xp64 stock was about that time as well, so the changeover will have...
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    What would you like to hear from Boris Johnson's announcement on Sunday evening?

    Garden Centres were obliged to close. That's despite many of them being as large as supermarkets with plenty of internal space and having "stores within stores" such as pet supplies and food counters that would have been allowed to stay open as stand alone premises. Also of course supermarkets...
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    Unelectrified transfer lines in London (Private Eye)

    The link at Acton between the Great Western and North London comes to mind. Not that the line from Paddington has any electric freight.
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    Steam Locos and Turntables/ Wyes

    From Paddington, West Ealing or Greenford can be used. The option of just going out and back round the Greenford Branch became unavailable when the route up the "New North Line" from Old Oak Common was severed as a result of work for HS2.
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    The last slam door trains in public service

    That's my memory as well, so when the internal handles disappeared from MK2/3 it wasn't a culture shock for regular commuters to have to open the door using the droplight. Although I'm old enough to have travelled in them, I don't recall how the Western Region Autotrains and non-corridor...
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    The last slam door trains in public service

    I seem to recall from the 1960s and 1970s that DMUs and Mk1s, possibly Mk2s as well, all had internal door handles, the absence of which was a novelty on the Mk3s. Commuters invariably found it simplest to open slam doors quickly and easily by opening the window and putting their arm outside...
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    1st gen DMUs and DEMUs

    Not all sets had gangways between carriages. Those seen as replacements for compartment suburban stock for example. The sets (115 I think) that operated out of Marylebone never had them, whilst the Paddington sets (117s) had gangways fitted in the late 1960s or early 1970s.
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    HST sets and originally planned formations - 2 catering vehicles for XC as well?

    The other effect was that the HSTs were that much faster so reduced journey times, particularly on the Western Region to Bristol made the provision of full catering services unnecessary. West of England services were a second phase development.
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    Trivia: Railway Journeys that Require 4 or More Changes

    Marlow to Exmouth and vice versa at peak hours. Change at Bourne End, Maidenhead, Reading, Exeter. Marlow to anywhere really. The connections at Reading can sometimes make taking the semi fast to Taunton and changing there to Cross Country slightly faster to Exeter than waiting at Reading...
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    Could a pay-per-use road charging scheme powered by vehicle data reporting be viable?

    The all singing all dancing electric car reports back to base when it's being charged. Has to be at least as easy as reporting where it is every other minute.