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    Should the government have relied on Neil Ferguson’s advice

    There is always a balancing act to be had. Macro Level Governments should make strategic decisions. Logic at this level might suggest - the country (and world) is overpopulated and this trend is increasing quickly and remorselessly - the medical profession, drug companies and care homes have a...
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    Aviation Discussion

    No, I don't think personal travel is sacrosanct at all. Occasional holidays involving flying to far-away places should be sufficient, (say quota of 1 per year per family?) increased prices will likely enforce this desirable outcome. Trains should be used for virtually all existing internal UK...
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    Aviation Discussion

    So, you are saying that Heathrow, which is desperately trying to build a third runway as it has no contingency at all in 'normal' pre-coronavirus operations, should ensure that there is no contingency on the two runways it has by allowing BA and others to consolidate flights there? You couldn't...
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    Now Playing....

    Check out rather cute Laura Cox (french lady who plays the guitar rather well doing intro to money for nothing) Here she is with her moderately heavy band, singing and playing guitar. She does a lot of you tube stuff, whats not to like.
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    Is learning to drive an HGV harder than learning to drive a train ?

    HGV drivers have to remember to ensure their lorry fits under rail bridges ..... well sometimes anyway!
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    Your Teenage Celebrity Crush

    Kate McCann - oh yes
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    Northern Delay Repay Ticket

    I have an undated return ticket to anywhere on Northern network. Whilst I don't think it would be a good idea to try and use it at the present time, is it still valid and if so will it ever expire?
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    On the bright side, If amateur sport cancelled on Saturdays, A&E will have more capacity!
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    The big difficulty is that the scientists aren't completely sure about how the virus is transmitted. How much actual physical contact needs to take place over how long, or is being in the path of a single sneeze more of a problem. It also seems that many people are walking about without knowing...
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    I don't buy the line that "if we play football matches without spectators they will go and watch it on TV in the pub". Surely, all that's needed is for the Govt to tell SKY, BT and anyone else offering such services that they have to prevent commercial venues offering any mass spectator sport...
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    Northern ticket machines - french

    I can understand that the options on the screen are in English to mimic the writing on the ticket, but that's not much help if you are French and don't understand what the ticket options described in English mean - eg what is an off-peak return etc. Surely they could put a French translation...
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    Northern Powerhouse Rail / HS3 Timeline and Ideas

    That's half a million wasted then.
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    Wisbech-March line reopening cost increase to £200m

    As a general observation, I think people thinking of going to a place which they are not familiar with using public transport will feel relatively confident if they are going to an airport or railway station as they are both reasonably reliable and have information displays. Many would expect to...
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    Northern ticket machines - french

    Idly waiting at Mirfield. Impressed by availability of French language. Chose it, directed me correctly in French to choose ticket type I wanted. Once you've chosen simple (single) or retour (return), specific ticket options only in English! Merde!