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  • Hi mate.
    I just had a thread with a survey about HS2 deleted for advertising and promotion. I had hoped that this wouldn't be a problem as I am not aiming to gain monetarily from this. Is there any way it would be possible for me to post a thread whereby I link this survey?

    edit - reading the below messages it appears this is a recurring theme. Hope it can be resolved cheers.
    Hello, I have no wish to cause any argument, but would like an explanation as to why my post in the thread 'expired railcard' was removed.

    I have received a message to say that my post was removed and I have no problem, but would like a clear explanation as to why this was considered necessary given that my post was entirely factually and legally correct ?

    One major concern that I and many others of my experience in rail management have is a seeming bias toward anti rail comments by some forum users, that seems to fly in the face of the good re-education work that many posters achieve.

    A continuing complaint across the industry is the lack of consistency in the message being given, but very importantly any consistent message must also be factually correct at all times.

    Many thanks.
    Hello Max, about a month ago my thread was deleted. I read all the forum rules before posting it and I didn't think or mean to break any with my topic. My thread seemed to me to be appropriated with respect to the usual topics faced in this forum. To be honest, this forum seemed to be the perfect one, because I suppose people here are concerned about train services and this is what I need for my research...
    Thank you, regards
    Hello, I was told that my topic was deleted. I respectfully created one for which I need help on a project relating to trains. I get that you probably don't want a bunch of ads littering the forums, but it wasn't an auto-bot spam or impersonal, unrelated message or weblink. Just a guy interested in trains trying to get help, and even offering compensation just for enthusiasts more knowledgeable than I to inform me better by talking about trains.

    Anyway, I don't agree with the decision to I decided to contact you, the staff. I mean, if not to train enthusiasts then who do I turn for...train enthusiasts?
    Hi. I'd like to change my username, please, as I had mistakenly concluded that this would not appear on my posts. Please could you help? Thanks.
    Hi Max,

    I've had a post removed from http://www.railforums.co.uk/showthread.php?t=105451 under an advisory that it was "Advertising or promotion without permission".

    Whilst I understand how the post may have been misconstrued as this, it was an honest attempt to answer the original posters question about finding ways to spot trains and keep a record of their spots on their phone.

    I know I'm new to the forums and I don't want to get off on the wrong foot, so please can you let me know how I can answer this post with relevant information without being banned for spamming?


    Hi Max
    I'm looking to advertise the sale of my collection of railwayana which I've been forced to part with due to a forthcoming house move (I've been told it's not coming with us!!).
    Is this something I might be allowed to post on the forum, and if so which would be the most appropriate. It is mostly timetables and leaflets from the time of privatisation, and there is a large collection of Eurostar/Eurotunnel bumph.
    Your advice is appreciated. Thanks Simon
    Hi Max,

    I've just registered, now as well as contributing in conversation and debate within the forum, I wanted to check if you would be happy for me to post job opportunities in the Jobs section of the site?

    Look forward to your response,

    hi Max, I'm new to the whole forums thing. Created my account and posted a message (I Think) yesterday. I got a message saying it was to be moderated - how long does this take?

    Thanks in advance
    Hi, I'm trying to pm another member, but an error message says I can't? Any ideas why this is ?
    Hi administrators. I am doing some research for a television production company and I would like to seek the administrators' consent before posting an appeal for help from contributors to the forum. I have registered on the site but I don't seem to be able to send a PM to the administrators. For obvious reasons, it makes sense for me to check the nature of our proposed appeal in private, before going ahead and posting it on the forum. Many thanks for your help.
    Hi Max, Hope you don't mind me messaging you, you're the only Admin online at the moment. I posted a topic on the forum a couple of hours ago that hasn't yet been accepted out of the moderation queue - just wondering if there was a problem with the content?
    Hello Max Have tried to view section railuk fares and ticketing guide but despite being logged in correctly I cannot view this for some reason? Can you help, appears part of my forum membership has not been activated maybe, thanks
    hi,can anyone help i got an email from tpe that my application is on hold,what does that mean and how long do i have to wait
    Hi Max

    Not sure where to put this or title can you advise.

    I am looking for the name of the train programme. Not sure of title but Robson Green was at St Pancras.
    Does anyone know the name ??
    Hi Max, recently joined and can't find the forum rules, can you tell me where to look, thanks, Dennis.
    Max... Thank you very much for the retitle on my first post. I'm sure it will take me a little while to learn my way around the forum. You're assistance is greatly appreciated. Any thoughts as to why I keep getting a "security token missing" message when I try to upload photos into an album?


    I'm coming to Sheffield this evening , so please add me to the table reservation, and PM to confirm venues. I know my way to The Bath Hotel.
    Hi, Im the former Northernrail, my email account was closed down by accident and ive lost access to my previous RailUK account.....help?
    Hi Max,
    I just posted a message on Mojo's profile, in it I told him that I work for a television production company and was looking for a number of rail enthusiasts to take part in a television show that we are making.
    I hope you don't consider this spam, it really is an amazing opportunity and thought that we could discuss this further personally. If so, please email me at [email protected]
    Thank you.
    Hi, I'm not sure that this is the correct means of contacting site management and apologise if it is not so, but I wonder if you can advise why it was felt necessary to close the thread about 'False Name - stupid mistake' please?

    I also wonder if closing any thread on a publicly accessible forum with a clear advertisement for a specific law firm is normal practice on this site?

    I am not wishing to rock the boat at all and I do realise that I am only an infrequent user of this forum compared to some others, but with well over 30 years experience in railways revenue protection & prosecution management and a bit of spare time these days, I thought I might have something useful to offer and had begun to enjoy using the site recently.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts

    Kind regards
    Hello Max

    I notice that the favicon for the forum isn't antialiased and looks quite jagged on a darker background colour.

    I've thrown up a couple of quick replacements -- one being just a 32-bit rebuild of the existing one (in Firefox you can just middle-click it to get it a new tab and compare the tab icon it to the site favicon to see the difference), and the other just an alternative based on the subforum graphics:


    There doesn't seem to be a PM feature here for sending volatile links -- the above addresses will die during the next tidy of the temp directory :) They're not meant for visitors.
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