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    Scotrail Class 385 Discussion

    It currently gets 2, 4, and 6 car services alternating throughout the day. There are 436 seats in a 6 car formation, therefore, if you want to preserve similar numbers you'd two 3 car 385s (e.g. 2 x 206 seats). Running 2 or even 4 cars on EK during peak hours isn't necessarily the most pleasant.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Emphasis on could. I doubt anyone would say it was a grand idea :lol:
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    The alternatives could be the additional Nightingale Hospitals opening in Manchester and Birmingham, although gauging could well be an issue there. Or alternatively, the field hospitals in Scotland - one site being offered is a former contact centre at the old IBM Campus in Spango Valley, which...
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    First Group: Edinburgh Bus Tours

    There is now a brief notice on the BBT homepage which confirms service is being suspended as of Thursday.
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    Stagecoach Rebrand on the cards?

    Here's the first attempt from Bluebird: The lack of orange on the front is confirmed as being correct…
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    Last of the droplights

    The RAIB and ORR seem to disagree about those clearly displayed instructions. Take paragraph 49 in the RAIB report, for example… ignoring for a moment that the lad in question would have had railway knowledge, which of the signs depicted makes it absolutely clear that you shouldn't do what was...
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    Last of the droplights

    They'll be having window bars fitted imminently, according to a recent ScotRail staff notice. Image reads:
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    Avanti West Coast rebrand

    Funnily enough, Sir Peter Hendy has been dropping hints about that… presumably for NR stations, but, it'd be interesting to see a new standard being deployed given the previous attempt wasn't universally adopted.
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    Services that are not free for English, Welsh or Scottish passes

    The Citylink 900 between 12 and 3:30am, when it runs as the N900, doesn't accept SNCTS cards (see important note). This caused confusion when the services were first advertised as Citylink hadn't made that restriction clear. It was sorted quickly after prompting by Transport Scotland.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    1S26/1B26 Northbound lowlander has been cancelled at Motherwell, arriving 89L. Ticket acceptance in place for Glasgow and Edinburgh.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    While on the topic of significant delays (1M16 is beating 1M11 to London at the current rate), it's notable that Caledonian Sleeper have a very unfortunate error in their delay repay blurb: As most of us know, the Conditions of Carriage document has long since been replaced (and iterated...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Indeed, 1M16 left at 04:40 with a delay of 201 minutes (currently +205m); 1M11 left Carstairs at 03:19 with a delay of 219 minutes, currently running 186L and counting at Carlisle. The northbound services are faring a bit better: 1S26 is currently 40L, however, 1S25 and its offshoots are still...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    And you could hear a pin drop on their Social Media, there is nothing from tonight at all… In fact, the last service update was on Saturday morning giving an expected arrival time for the very heavily delayed 1M16 and a link to RTT. The fact a further 50 minutes of delay accrued afterwards...
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    Availability of accessible rail replacement coaches

    Which intercity style operator is still running with a single space in the whole train? Even the awful Voyager's have two.
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    Tyne & Wear Metro Fleet Replacement: Awarded to Stadler

    Why? The spaces can be used by others when they aren't required by a wheelchair user (albeit, they, quite rightly must be given up on request). Wheelchair users don't necessarily have the luxury of sitting anywhere else on the train, providing a reasonable number of spaces isn't an unreasonable...