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    SWR Class 455 Status

    I don't suppose you also know when or if 5847 will make it back in time before being withdrawn? Its been having collision repairs for 18 months ?? Many Thanks
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    319s on LNWR

    Observed Evening peaks Mon-Fri: 2N73 1630 Euston-Northampton (8 car) 2N75 1723 Euston-Northampton (8 car) 2N69 1824 Euston-Northampton (8 car) 2B65 1838 Euston-Bletchley (12 car) Not sure of the Morning services, but on RTT they are usually shown as timed for Class 321 rather than...
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    Pacer Withdrawals: The list (Reference)

    Much obliged for the details, thank you.
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    Class 321 Withdrawal updates

    Reported elsewhere that 344, 350, 351, 356, 357, 358, 438, 446 are the 8 for Sims, of which 357/446 have now gone.
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    Pacer Withdrawals: The list (Reference)

    Have any more been taken to Sims since 073/076, or is there a pause while they process the 321's ?