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    RailUK First Class Lounge Guide

    LNER Leeds lounge has nothing today. But it's usually poor anyway in my experience
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    RailUK First Class Lounge Guide

    LNER lounge at Kings X were serving water, hot drinks and snacks last Friday.
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    LNER reservations social distancing

    My wife booked two tickets for us and got allocated a seat each on 2 different tables of 4. The tickets were booked using a disabled rail card so they normally sit us close together, but not this time. It's not an issue for us, perhaps they were just filling up spare seats in the coach.
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    Aylesbury to High Wycombe, seven buses an hour?

    1614865439 The rail service between the 2 biggest places in Bucks is poor compared to the bus options. Plus the buses serve Stoke Mandeville hospital which may generate a lot of custom
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    John Lewis Advert

    Never mind the wrong route number, no one is wearing a mask on the bus!
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    LU to Network Rail track connections.

    This picture is Mantles Wood, a mile or so past Amersham station where Network Rail track joins TFL track, just by the small signs on the trackside.
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    Kings Cross Old Departure Board

    thank you - yes
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    Incident at Chalfont & Latimer (21/06)

    Does Real Time Trains work on London Underground tracks? There seems to be a bit of a black hole between Harrow and Amersham at times, I had assumed because it was London Underground track. I thought time table times were shown.
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    Kings Cross Old Departure Board

    Thanks for that. I was hoping for a picture of the electronic board, I spent many an hour waiting for my wife by it!
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    Kings Cross Old Departure Board

    Strange request perhaps, but has anyone got any pictures of the old departure board at Kings Cross that was in the 1970s concourse building that has been replaced by the new concourse? Thanks
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    Incident at Chalfont & Latimer (21/06)

    The BBC London Transport correspondents is reporting a Chiltern service took a wrong signal at Chalfont and Latimer on the Metropolitan line and came very close to a Met line train. This seems rather worrying.
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    3 Spies Junction? Coventry - Nuneaton Line

    Oh thanks, that explains why I could not find any details!
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    3 Spies Junction? Coventry - Nuneaton Line

    I went to school in the Coventry area in the 1970s. We would sometimes go and see what was happening at the sidings at what I think was called 3 Spies Junction. This is where the line from the Kersley Coal Mine joined the Coventry to Nuneaton line. The line went from there over a level crossing...
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    Long Walks at High Wycombe Station

    Wycombe station is built on a stagger, so if you want to go from the main entrance to platform 3 for faster trains to London, it's quite a walk to the end of platform 2, then over the bridge to platform 3. But it also can be a long walk to a London bound train on platform 1 as if it is a short...
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    Trainspotting apps

    Would Be of use?