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    Lothian Buses and ECB Discussion

    Because they are? :-) Announced today: Source If I were First I'd be seriously worried about their West Lothian operation's future.
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    A works compound is being created near to the existing Briech station so work must be due to start. Last week there was a lot of demolition work on the railway near the new West Calder High School work site - I suspect it may have been the former footbridge being demolished.
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    Unused Capacity at Glasgow Queen St Low Level Station

    It's that comprehensive network that is the reason that trains are heaving, combined by it's quality. As the recent rail openings in Scotland have demonstrated, when you provide a service that goes somewhere people want to go they will use it. Pretty much the story of the entire UK network...
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    The enabling works for the replacement of 285/125 WEST CALDER on the A71 were due to begin last Friday (haven't been past yet). It's looking like a complex project. With no suitable diversion route for what is a major road the plan is to build a temporary road through the local primary school's...
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    Train hits car near Uphall, West Lothian 14 Oct 2015

    Passenger's injury is minor (grazed by flying glass). No info on the condition of the car's occupants (if any).
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    Train hits car near Uphall, West Lothian 14 Oct 2015

    Scotrail are trying to organise bus replacements between Edinburgh park and bathgate. Failing that could take the 6:56 to West Calder from there 801 bus to the hospital and 21 onto Armadale. Ticket is valid to Livingston South on that line, but ithey ask the guard nicely before they travel...
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    Sent final reminder letters even though i have not been on a train?

    It is illegal to intentionally open mail that you know is not addressed to you without a valid reason. If you simply open a letter without checking the front (as many do) no offence is committed. It is likewise not an offence to open mail if you reasonably believe that the recipient is happy for...
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    The Kings Cross hologram-a new form of torture

    Don't give them ideas! "You were not expecting your train to be on time"
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    Confisticated gold season ticket

    My advice is to seek the advice of a qualified Solicitor and to advise the colleague to do the same. TOC companies take season ticket fraud very seriously, especially when it comes to using someone else's ticket. I cannot see this one avoiding prosecution in court to be honest, and chances...
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    old railway lines where people are trying to possess the trackbed

    I'd be rather surprised that a planning official would not be aware of planning law and procedures. I wonder if the objectors managed to speak to the right people in the council? Certainly my advice would be to contact the planning dept directly - most do have a direct line. if all else fails...
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    old railway lines where people are trying to possess the trackbed

    In my experience fencing off land, even small parcels is a hot political topic and councils are pretty proactive in this area. They are also forbidden by law to make planning decisions on the basis of cost. In any event the occupier must meet all costs. The procedure is that upon becoming...
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    old railway lines where people are trying to possess the trackbed

    Safeguarding is a constraint set out in the local plan designating that (in most cases) planning consents will not be granted unless in furtherance of the purpose for which the land in safeguarded. Fencing an area of off as a private garden requires change of use consent (typically from public...
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    Early Closing and Holidays

    Councils have no powers to regulate Sunday trading - it is entirely up to retailers if and when they wish to open.
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    Borders Railway - Now Open

    Not in terms of web safety no:
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    Fined after falling asleep

    Many years ago (BR days) my dad was sitting near a gent whom the guard could not wake. Upon arrival at the next station the police boarded and asked passengers to leave from the other end of the carriage, as an ambulance crew boarded. Turns out the gent wasn't asleep :-( Somehow I doubt they...