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    NR Test Trains - Coaching Sets?

    975091 is MENTOR. Regularly runs with PLPR1 but not always recording
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    NR Test Trains - Coaching Sets?

    That set is PLPR4, 72639 is PLPR4 itself and 977974 is TIC2, although its mainly a brake force and toilet coach at the moment as there is no equipment in use on it. 6263 is one of the MK1 Gen Vans and 9701 is a DBSO, these are interchangeable with any of the others in use PLPR1 is at least...
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    LHCS Mk3 disposals

    12098, 12021, 10413, 11078 and 11095 were taken to Great Yarmouth Carriage sidings today behind 37402, Judging by the ERS labels on the bogies stored there theyre part of the Eastern Rail Services fleet
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    Alphabetical displays in theatre route indicators.

    Great Yarmouth has A for via Acle and R for via Reedham, even after the butchering of it. Norwich has ABCD for what line leaving the station I believe
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    Is the chord that links HS1 towards Waterloo still in use?

    I've had a MK1s and MK2s on HS1 and the section in question in this thread.
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    Class 08 vs Class 20 for shunting duties

    When you've shunted passenger stock with anything other than an 08, for example a 9F or a 20 you realise how much fine control you have with an 08
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    Heritage attraction shops - donations

    The Railway may still take them for when Photocharters are on and quick black smoke is needed for the photographers.
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    Oil-lit semaphores

    We have 4 M&GN Somersaults that are lit by oil once a year at Barton House Railway Wroxham Norfolk, Evening running is the 21st September from 7-10PM, only Electric Lamps in use are the Colour Light Signals, even staff must use Oil Lamps
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    Remaining 37 diagrams on Norwich to Yarmouth / Lowestoft

    Should be Normal Diagram tomorrow and apparently the Saturday Diagram on Monday, No service Sunday as normal
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    Wherry Lines Loco Hauled

    Short set group on Facebook shows what it actually works. I can confirm by knowing the drivers that is the diagram, Saturdays were added from the winter timetable
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    Wherry Lines Loco Hauled

    Monday to Friday is 5J67 07+00 ECS Norwich Low Level to Lowestoft 2J67 07:47 Lowestoft to Norwich 2P12 08:36 Norwich to Great Yarmouth 2P13 09:17 Great Yarmouth to Norwich Then the rest is correct starting 10:36 Yarmouth
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    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    68032 is the loco if its the 08:12 Carlisle to Preston, looks to be caped at Crewe though
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    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    Large Logo one would have been 402. The Colas one could have been many. 08417 is the Yellow one nearer the station, sadly the number of the working one has slipped my mind
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    Level crossing collision on the North Norfolk Railway

    Cold day, steam shows more. But from that point, the train does just appear, if only there was a way of knowing one was coming...:lol::lol::lol:;);)