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    Metronet is facing administration

    Hopefully this should create some competition.
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    "TOX" Tags

    Because there getting famous from it. Not in the correct way of course.
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    Boys killed by Underground train

    It doesn't seem to matter how much protection are put around railways to stop people trespasing, some idiot will always do it. I have no sympathy at all.
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    The bus with plenty of shroom upstairs

    Maybe its stagecoaches new idea of an onboard restaurant.
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    Central Line Tube stops re-zoned

    The re-zoning is to encourage more people to use that part of the line but it always seems busy along that part when I travel on it and are LU planning to do this anywhere else on the system?
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    TV Programme

    It's probably just an attempt to put people off travelling on the underground.
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    Favourite Surface Stock

    I voted 'D refurbed' as i feel they are almost as comfortable as the 'A' but the 'D' stock is more modern and is different in appearence to the unrefurbed stock. I also like the new announcements.
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    New Tube Station at White City

    I am glad to hear of this new station. At the moment 'white city' (central line) can get very crowded especialy after local football matches and with the future leisure and retail complex. Hopefully this new station will take the strain off of 'White City' (central line) and encourage more...
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    Favourite London travel system

    Its gotta be the dlr. Its the most interesting, it provides a good servive and the workers are friendly.
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    Favourite Tube Stock

    Mine is the 1992ts as i travel on it the most and it has ATO.
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    Tube & Bus fares to go up

    Firstly the mayor introduces the congestion charge encouraging people to use public transport. Now he's raising the fares encouraging people to get an oyster card. Yes, I agree the oyster card is a good idea but not if you live a long distance from a underground station and your nearest station...