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    Department of Transport Categories

    So this thread has turned into yet another “my town is better than your town” thread... *sigh*
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    Network Rail Recommends 80% of the network should be electrified by 2050

    They can recommend what they like, doesn’t mean the government will fund it
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    Trivia - Largest town to have NEVER had a railway service?

    Plus west bridgeford has a closed station
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    InterCity in the SouthEast during the 1980s

    InterCity used to run to Dover Western Docks and Ramsgate
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    Woolwich/Sidcup Rounders: What Destination Should They Show?

    22 was Charing Cross to Hastings 30 Charing Cross to Tunbridge Wells so you would’ve caught both
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    First Trenitalia (Avanti!) WCML branding, naming and livery

    a better announcement would be “this is the TIME service to Liverpool Lime St” customers don’t give a monkeys who runs the trains or what colour it’s in.
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    France to Spain Line Closure

    no because it was just news sites. On booking sites you can’t even book as far as Perpignan or Girona
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    France to Spain Line Closure

    So has this reopened now? Looking at different sites it's really confusing as to when its due to reopen. Some say it opened on the 4th, others say not until the 25th. I need to travel from Barcelona to Marseille on the 22nd and I need to know if I'm going to be able to get a train or if I'm...
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    (Connex) South Eastern 365 Diagrams (1996-2004)

    They also worked Charing Cross to Margate via Tonbridge too
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    SWR & SE Diagrams

    3 car 375s run tonbridge to strood
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    Berlin ABC Ticket

    Hey guys, can a Berlin Zone ABC ticket be used on any train within the zones? ie an ICE or IC from Spandau to Hbf? Or is it just local trains? Thanks
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    Berlin-Brandenburg Tageskarte

    any idea what they are?
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    Berlin-Brandenburg Tageskarte

    Also, are these tickets valid on local trains only or can they be used on IC or ICE? Thanks!
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    Berlin-Brandenburg Tageskarte

    Hey guys, I’m going to Berlin soon and I want to have a bash around Brandenburg too. I know the above ticket is valid on all local and regional services within the state of Brandenburg, but I have also read it’s valid on routes outside of Brandenburg too. Is there a comprehensive list (in...
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    Berlin Recommendations

    Sorry another question, Anybody had any experience of the Ibis Hotel at Ku’damm? It’s reasonably priced and seems a good location. Or any other hotel recommendations? Looking for cheap and central. Not a hostel tho!