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    ECML Disruption 16/08/22 - OLE issues at Biggleswade

    I turned up at Kings Cross tonight not knowing what had been going on today. Arrived at 1930, called at 2020 to board the 2003 to Leeds and we departed at 2052. We ran slowly (30mph) through Hitchin station then sped up to 70mph until slowing down again to pass through Sandy. And now we’re back...
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    Transpennine Express South Humberside Friday 19th August

    Looks like one train every 2 hours planned according to (but starting late and not all going all the way through)
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    Am I right in thinking that I can just use my iPhone to tap in / out of tube stations without having to buy a Travelcard anymore?

    That was the bit that flummoxed me for my first few attempts to use my iPhone on gatelines. Eventually I figured it out.
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    Weather disruption Sunday 17th July and following few days

    So far - for tomorrow morning - LNER Journey Check just has 1 full cancellation and 2 services partially cancelled (one of those is the 0539 Sunderland-London which is starting from Newcastle).
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    Heatwave what Heatwave ?

    The temperature at Leeds Bradford Airport has dropped 6 degrees in an hour (37° at 15:50 to 31° at 16:50) and that corresponds with other local weather stations on What would cause such a drop?
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    Heatwave what Heatwave ?

    Coningsby has also reached 40.2 as at 3pm according to Yesterday, the 5pm reading was 2 degrees higher than the 3pm, so scope for it to get higher
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    Trivia: Trains Leaving The Same Stations At The Same Time And Going To The Same Destinations

    Before COVID, there were 2 services on a Saturday morning leaving Leeds for London within 2 minutes of each other in different directions to different termini. The 0738 East Midlands service to St Pancras via Wakefield Westgate and Sheffield, and the 0740 LNER service to Kings Cross...
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    Showing split e-tickets before the starting point

    When doing split ticket journeys with paper tickets, say A-B and B-C, if a ticket check happened before B, I would only show my A-B ticket to them, in case my B-C was clipped and a new guard came on and questioned after leaving B, why my ticket was already clipped. But now with the prevalence...
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    Bradford named as City of Culture 2025

    I miss the Russian Restaurant, which closed in 2013 after two arson attacks in a week. Not sure it would be getting much business these days though.
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    Trivia: What is the furthest distance you could travel on the British rail network for £50?

    A Cononley to Ayr single, route via Appleby and Dumfries is £48.10 for approximately 247 miles going via Glasgow Central.
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    Bus Provision for the Commonwealth Games 2022

    I went back to the journey planner today and it now says "The journey planner is currently unavailable, we apologise for any inconvenience and hope to have this restored as soon as possible."
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    Louth Reopening and London Service for Sleaford

    From the Radioactive Waste Management initial evaluation report:
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    Bus Provision for the Commonwealth Games 2022

    The Games journey planner has been launched: For the journey from my digs in Stechford to the NEC, the two options it gives me are cycle or drive! Not the 2 trains a hour from Stechford to Birmingham International.
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    Elizabeth line ticketing

    Does going one stop on a bus break your OSI?
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    TransPennine Express to Saltburn from May 2022 confirmed

    Tonight's 8pm-ish inbound and out are both cancelled "due to a shortage of drivers".