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    1. MidnightFlyer
    2. ABSSC2
      Hi, I am sorry to bother you and hope that you don not consider this spam. I work for a TV production company that is currently looking for groups of rail enthusiasts to take part in an exciting television show that we will be making in the summer.
      I wonder if, with the permission of the moderators, we could start a thread or post a message on the forum about our show.
      If you want to hear more about the show, please email me at Thank you.
    3. Fare-Cop
      Hi, I'm not sure that this is the correct means of contacting site management and apologise if it is not so, but I wonder if you can advise why it was felt necessary to close the thread about 'False Name - stupid mistake' please?

      I also wonder if closing any thread on a publicly accessible forum with a clear advertisement for a specific law firm is normal practice on this site?

      I am not wishing to rock the boat at all and I do realise that I am only an infrequent user of this forum compared to some others, but with well over 30 years experience in railways revenue protection & prosecution management and a bit of spare time these days, I thought I might have something useful to offer and had begun to enjoy using the site recently.

      Thanks in advance for your thoughts

      Kind regards
    4. MidnightFlyer
      Very witty, I wouldn't quit uni to be a comedian though ;)
    5. MidnightFlyer
      I'll be on in a bit. Patience!
    6. ryoooh
      Hi Mojo, newbie here. Quick q. I saw in an old thread that you said a return ticket couldn't be used first. In the National Conditions of Carriage (condition 17) it does seem to confirm this, however in the penalty fares section of the conditions it doesn't say that using a ticket in this way would be subject to a penalty fare. I can save £5 a day if I use the reverse method, and I only have to pass through barriers at the very end of my journey (as I transfer to the tube+oyster tap in when changing platforms from rail to tube) so I'm guessing it would be viable for me to use this reverse journey method providing if my 'RTN' ticket got inspected one morning (and marked etc) I then buy another single for that day?
    7. district
      Quick message for when you get home... I LOVE YOU. You're beautiful and perfect and amazing. See you soon!
    8. district
      Wello! I wuv woo!!!!! Thinking about you <3
    9. exile
      Hi Mojo

      I'd expressed interest in the Liverpool workshop, is it possible for me to attend?


    10. district
      Gorgeous man!
    11. district
    12. district
      Hello my gorgeous baby boy, I can't wait to chat with you. I love you so much <3
    13. district
      My hero... my baby.
      I love you so much and I want everyone to know it.
      You're beautiful, brilliant, amazing and mine.
      Forever sweetheart,
      Robert xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    14. district
      I'm sorry. I love you. Can't wait to see you Friday! <3
    15. district
      I'm so proud of you, my muffin head! I love you tooooo! xxxxxxx
    16. district
      Oh no! Make sure you post it next time, muffin head ;)
      Also let me know what you need in the other letter to be sent!

      Love you! xxx
    17. district
      No problem and I will do sweetheart. I love you <3
    18. Class172
    19. district
      You're a muffin head! xxx
    20. daikilo
      I have just seen this PM.

      New Member

      Join Date: 21 Jan 2008
      Posts: 2 Thread deleted


      Dear daikilo,

      This is an automatic message to indicate that the following thread which you created has been deleted.

      This message is advisory and it does not indicate that you have broken the forum rules, if any moderating penalties have been applied they will be detailed in another message.

      Title: Watch out brothers!
      Forum: NR General Discussion
      Reason: 11 - Message does not make sense

      Please do not reply to this message. If you have any questions, please contact a member of forum staff or use our 'Contact us' form.

      RailUK Forums

      I have no idea where it came from as the title is not my style. My apologies if I have allowed my username to be misused.
    21. bb21
      Is the 10000th post going to be a special one to mark the occasion? :D
    22. Platform 1
      Platform 1
      Sorry if my post was mis-understood. The point to it was that window hanging on an IC 225 is possible (in the end of the DVT) but I was going to see if anyone else realised this before saying anything. I was also going to ask whether passengers are technically allowed in this area given that there are no doors and no entry signs - I would still assume they probably shouldn't be.
    23. Deerfold
    24. Agent Smirnoff
      Agent Smirnoff
      Hi Mojo I saw many people with large pics in thier sig and they are still there. :(

      Can I put my picture back if I spoiler it? :)
    25. MidnightFlyer
      Happy birthday for the day before yesterday!
    26. Class172
      Happy Birthday (for yesterday) <:D
    27. sonic2009
      happy birthday
    28. transportphoto
      No problems :smile:
    29. HST Power
      HST Power
      Apologies for not being able to attend the meal. I will see you another time, have a good weekend. :)
    30. MidnightFlyer
      Hi Mojo, can we have some more forum stats to see how much things have changed since October? Thanks
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