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    Places that don't have a proper bus station but could do with one

    You're right, the 'dedicated' City Rail Link, operated by Aintree, doesn't accept PlusBus - in fact, I'm pretty sure it's just Cash (£1 Single) or ENCTS. PlusBus (and other payment methods) can be used on Stagecoach and Arriva services between the Railway Station, Bus Interchange and City...
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    Leominster to Five Ways with Anytime Return (+16-25 Railcard) via Any Permitted Route - Permitted via Shrewsbury in disruption?

    I'm pretty sure as well that if for whatever reason (e.g. cancellation, delays) West Midlands Railway says you can travel via Craven Arms and Shrewsbury on the Any Permitted ticket, then you can. I'd recommend getting an endorsement for this just in case West Midlands Railway haven't cleared it...
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    The implications of false destinations for ticket validity

    Is the Cross Gates false destination a new thing at York? I know that the York to Leeds via Harrogate train was displayed as Burley Park back in May (haven't been back since but will be soon) - I like to think I know a bit about trains but I had to do a double take and ask at customer services...
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    Platform ticket no longer available - Chester

    As nice as they are, I think Chester Ticket Office has a training issue. I usually buy all my tickets online now. The staff are often hesitant to sell tickets that aren't, shall we say, 'easy'. I could go on about problems I've had and I do understand some of my requests are 'odd' when compared...
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    PlusBus tickets

    I have to use a PlusBus for Wrexham almost every Sunday. I'm always a bit anxious using them because despite being perfectly valid, I'm usually challenged or at least 'questioned' about it. I don't blame the drivers, I blame the system - there's obviously not enough training when it comes to...
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    Platform ticket no longer available - Chester

    Been reading the forum for a while but saw this and had to respond as I knew the answer! Apparently, platform tickets haven't been sold at Chester since 2010 - that is according to the gateline staff member I was speaking to only a few weeks back. The only exception is when a special train is...