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    Grand Central - West Riding Vacancies

    Has anyone on here had a response yet for these positions ?
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    anyone else noticed the picture in that article is a 66 in *FL* livery ? coincidence
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    mystery silver loco through Oakham today

    Cl92 is in nevile hill on its own. wasn't there Thursday
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    Platform ticket (Leeds)

    Now Leeds has barriers can you still get the 20p platform ticket ? Suppose to meet a friend off a train tonight but remembered the barriers. Many thanks Morgan
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    East coast line hit by landslips can believe noone has noticed this yet
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    online management games or Used to play Toc game then got bored of it, after a year i have just started it again but it seems dead. Before you had to fight to get into some of the scenarios as they where full no there only a few player. And tribalwars what can i...
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    Banks, don't you just love them?

    just a small tip that call centres dont really want people to know (worked in sevral now) when you get the anoying phone "press 1 for this" thing just simply keep pressin 0 or hash/star it confuses the system and it dont like it, i will always put you through to a agent unless its T-mobile then...
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    DescendingSadly presuming you from Huddersfield you might have a WY metro pass in which case it will get you pass leeds and to Garforth if you get the Middlesbrough TPE then just get a Garforth to York. much cheaper lol bit late now like just noticed. hope it helps in future though
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    If you could design your own Train Sim what would it have?

    Well iv had one planned out for ages to a T but i dont know how to make a game. Its a sort of management game. The simple just is you have a little station and you manage it and extend it, sort of like sim city. Rent out the shops, hire staff, tell signal man which platform you want...
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    Norhern Rail Class 153

    class 153s can normal be found on the Leeds-Castleford-Knottingley-Wakefield Kirkgate. and you can also see them on the Selby - Leeds route. To be honest there all over west Yorkshire
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    Grand Central - West Riding Vacancies

    Sorry it was customer services assistant in west Yorkshire, i called them 2 days ago to see what the closing date was and if they received my application and all i got was closing date will be in about 2 months and quote "Dunno" so i requested to speak to HR/Recruitment only to be told there not...
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    Grand Central - West Riding Vacancies

    Well I have applied for the position anyway, might be my way into the railways hopefully still haven't hurd back yet but it seems a good company to work for. Personaly I would clean toilets to get on the railways. Dose anyone know what stations the role is for. I am guessing Halifax or Wakefield...
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    Leeds - Manchester monthly ticket

    hey guys sorry I haven't been round much been busy with looking for work. Anyway am bored of Leeds so me and my house mate are starting a new life in Manchester. The catch is am going to need to stay in Bramley for a month before we get our apartment simply because of bond and house mate...
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    Advice for Gateline Operator Interview?

    Humm i applied on friday for this closing date wasnt till yesterday so how have you got a interview so quick. i last applied for a possision in Halifax in December and didnt get the interview will march
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    The Token System

    Single line working from Nunthorpe mate, only one train is supose to be on the line at one time but tokens mean it is possible for more that one. I.e A local can travel from Gromont to Middlesbrough the same time a Steam is running the same