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    Strangest bus destination screens?

    I would've done too. LOL!
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    Your longest time spent on a bus or coach?

    When I was a young kid at about 8 years old, I remember once travelling to Disneyland Paris and back by coach from Norwich. However I've also done a school trip to Belgium in Year 9 which was even longer, which was all way from Hethersett to Ypres and back by coach.
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    Anyone else having trouble getting TOCs to respond to emails?

    Correct, that's what I've been told by an LNER staff member I spoke to once. The real purpose I think is to ensure that a new email results in the whole ticket being dealt with in the order of arrival of the last email sent, hence ensuring that this email is properly read and dealt with, whilst...
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    Most historic station

    I'd say Wymondham should be one of those stations. It has a lot of preserved signage and interesting stuff, despite being only two platforms, and unstaffed.
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    Declassification of first class – Glasgow to Edinburgh

    By my interpretation that is up to the guard, they can either lock and label the First Class compartment out of use to all passengers (even if they have a First Class ticket), which can on some TOCs e.g. Greater Anglia get them into trouble with their managers, or they can declassify First Class...
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    Stations due to close?

    Newhaven Marine
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    Drunk depot driver sentenced

    I agree with you, even if not 100% a foresnic calculation would still be evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, which would be enough to satisfy a court so that they are sure, which is the evidenital standard used by criminal courts when deciding whether to convict.
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    Delay Repay rejected for a journey that was abandoned

    I thought that for a return ticket only the difference in price between a single and return fare, less a possible £10.00 admin fee would be refundable.
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    23 Prosecutions in Bristol.

    Even someone who got a 5 year prison sentence for an offence of delibrately obtaining a service without paying (in this case travel on the railway) would not end up doing that time in HMP Whitemoor as a Category A prisoner, unless they were serving another sentence concurrently for a more...
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    23 Prosecutions in Bristol.

    That's true, because Byelaw offences are non-recordable.
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    Greater Anglia PBoro to Ipswich service abandoned

    Didn't you mean if the train's power supply dropped below 50Hz? The 49 Hertz Friday incident involved the power supply dropping to 49Hz, which whilst rare was still close to the specification.
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    Greater Anglia PBoro to Ipswich service abandoned

    Couldn't you travel via Norwich on GA (without using any other TOC) by travelling Ipswich to Norwich, then Norwich to Ely, and then Ely to Peterborough?
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    UFN for boarding LNER train with Hull Trains Only ticket

    That's true. It doesn't matter to the average passenger, how about just keeping that side of things as it is?
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    UFN for boarding LNER train with Hull Trains Only ticket

    If the restriction wasn't printed, then surely the ticket is legally valid on any TOC?
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    Can I really pay on the train if the only option is card payment?

    Really? What if it's a service where you're allowed to pay on the train or there are no methods of purchasing a ticket before you board? Then presumably even if they cannot accept your legal tender on the spot, they would have to issue you with a UPFN?