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    One-way systems - good and bad

    The one-way system at Leeds Station is horrendous beyond belief; basically, you can only go up the stairs of the west end footbridge and you can only go down the stairs of the east end footbridge. So, as an example, if you arrive on a train which stops at 12D (perhaps right by the steps) and...
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    Why is there in practice no distancing in most shops/cafes?

    And you seriously believe that that is entirely due to social distancing?
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    Why is there in practice no distancing in most shops/cafes?

    Who exactly is going to pay for these 'mystery shoppers' Many shops are already having to employ extra staff to do precisely nothing other than meet and greet, they also have the additional costs of all the paraphernalia of signs, one way systems, sanitation stations etc. As seen daily on the...
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    UK face coverings discussion

    I caught a train yesterday at 1130. It was still rather hot and humid as I walked to the station but I wore my mask as I approached, bought a ticket, crossed by the footbridge to the appropriate platform and boarded. When I sat down, I simply had to remove my mask in order to breathe a little...
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    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    Well that was pretty clear wasn't it. Boris: "The further easing of restrictions due to take place this weekend will be postponed for a further two weeks" Whitty: "We have now reached the limit of any further easings"
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    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    Yes, I'm getting that feeling too, it's looking like it's going to drag on into next year now. And Mr. Whitty is on record as indicating he wants the rules and restrictions to continue 'for a very very long time'
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    Vending machines

    Sheffield station still has a working Selecta hot drinks machine on Platform 2. The price of a cup of anthing has gone up 50% from £1 to £1.50 though - and it is a very small cup!
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    UK face coverings discussion

    I would have preferred them to admit they didn't know, rather than resorting to guesswork which they obviously did.
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    New East Midlands Airport Station

    No, except in the case of an emergency, it would have stayed on the main lines through Trent Junction. If it did ever use the High Level lines, it would have been stuck on the slow line all the way to Loughborough because that's the first available crossover back onto the Up Main.
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    UK face coverings discussion

    I began wearing a mask in shops today, under protest, because there is food and certain essentials I want to buy and I don't want to be turned away from shops I wish to use. I certainly don't support the idea that masks are a means of reducing the spread because when this thing started, we were...
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    Cross Country trains temporarily not serving Chesterfield

    Since the current situation began, XC have been operating just one train per hour on the Birmingham - North East route. However, for a few weeks now, quite a lot of the journeys are having the stop at Chesterfield omitted. Does anyone know why this is?
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    Ugliest Bus Liveries

    I think Blackpool Transport is pretty horrible; very dark grey with an insipid yellow swoosh!
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    East Midlands Railway livery and station branding

    The 180s which have stood on the curve opposite the old PSB at Derby for several months have now been moved. Two sets have been shunted down to the bottom end of Etches Park, alongside the main line. The Hull Trains name is still clearly visible even though the lettering has been removed.
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    If there were a general election in a month, whom would you vote for to most effectively get us out of this mess?

    Indeed. As a long time Labour voter, this is the one thing that puts me off voting for them now. The shadow cabinet under Corbyn was truly frightening and it's little better under Starmer. I'm old enough to remember when Labour had people of great stature and intellect in the parliamentary...
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    How much longer will social distancing go on for in the UK?

    I would imagine that before much longer, the bodies which represent the retail sector will be pressing for relaxations of this stuff because at present, it means many shops have to employ people all day to do basically nothing apart from greeting people, supervising queues, manning 'sanitation...