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    HST Birthday Cake

    Made by:
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    What do you think about Fair trade bags?

    I use one of the Co-op fairtrade cotton bags, a lot stronger than the usual bags for life. And not too expensive either
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    Merseyrail Cab Ride

    This is not the first time this has been offered, last time, a friend and I won the day out and had an excellent time of it. Cab Ride Lime St to Kirkdale with one of the DSM's, tour of the depot with one of the Bosses there, back to lime st for a slap up lunch with one of the Controllers, then...
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    Woolworths Bargains

    I went into the chester store today, apparently closing today, was hardly anything of use there at all, nothing worth buying anyway. Altho was tempted to get some new shelving to go in the garage, was about £1 a shelf.
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    Buses v Trains: The Real Competition

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    Farewell to Corkscrew

    My First Coaster that, Holds fond memories. :(
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    My sis is a stunnah!!

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    Board games

    Scrabble on facebook, and Risk otherwise
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    somerset in autunm

    I was down for both days of the Gala, had never been down before, was very impressed! I ran into the Great Cockcrow Group several times, you lot seemed to be following me around, everywhere i went, you lot seemed to be
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    Would you welcome a 21st centuary BR with open arms???

    If not, back to the big 4 :)
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    The Train Pirates

    Excellent that, Highly ammusing
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    Lafarge Open Day, Chesterfield Ped & Midland Wanderings.

    Some cracking phot's from the lafarge works day there, I was wondering which rail uk muppets would turn up, i bumped into a couple. Lucky the weather held off till i was safely ensconced in the bar with a pint and pringles
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    Whats your local paper???

    Manchester Evening News, Daily, Paid For Sale and Altrincham Messenger, Weekly, Free Manchester Metro News, Weekly, Free
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    This why you should never take up skateboarding (Don't look if your squeemish)

    I dunno what ur moaning about, i cant even move on a skateboard, let alone do fancy sh*t
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    The Super Hellfire Picture Thread

    Better than some i spose, not criticising your photographic skills or anything...