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  • Hi mvann im a collecter of books on the british underworld and i am coming to the end of my collecting of these book and i have starterd to collect in detail on the great train robbery, photographs magazines & books exc .. and was trying to get as much infomation on the engine and the carriages i was also thinking of getting a model of this train. there is a model of the engine on ebay this is the write up of it... Lima Deltec Diesel No 40126 (was a model of the Great Train Robbery ... but i am after a model with more detail then the one thats displayed on ebay.
    currently there is no company that produces this model that i can find and i will have to have it made customized i can see this costing me a fortune and a long time to get all the pacific and actuate infomations on this train this should keep me busy for a number of years on and off as i am just starting out this is a bit of a mind filled at the moment im thankful for your help kind regards anthony
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