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  • Work. A trip to MK in the afternoon is also a possibility (by car, although I may look for my last 2 dezes while there).
    I should get a lot of HST sets and I could get a winner 450 maybe and I would have to ching to get to Twyford, I will see you at reading any way. If you could get HST sets that call at Twyford then yes I would come
    That's fine, but the HST thrash through Twyford is much better ;)

    I haven't been on a XC HST yet though
    Yes it was good, a lot faster than my outbound journey!
    I would like to get more HSTs out of PAD, but a via Reading travelcard is a bit useless at the moment with the engineering works and peak restrictions.
    Hi fishquinn I have put what i saw today at lms what time does the wag set get back to chester on 1D74 cheers smiles
    Hi fishqiunn i have just posted what i saw on monday where are you i tried to phone you earlier can tell me what was on 4m99 cheers
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