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    Railworks Addon Problem?

    Hi all, i bought the Railworks mega bundle from steam yesterday am really enjoying it. However, i'm not sure if this is a problem or just a limitation of the game - The addons that i recieved with it, like the V2 and saddle tank locomotives, i can run them in the scenarios they come with but...
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    Youtube 2009 Updates

    The Capital Christmas Express with 34067 Tangmere czwQKJi7tmw Swanage Railway's Bulleid Pacific Day with 34067, 34070 and 34028 sFqZwwJgHd4 Which i think concludes 2009...
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    Youtube 2009 Updates

    The Purbeck Growler MPQsWsJTRzM Tangmere on the Bath & Bristol Express FO76BobWQWs The Capital Christmas Express and Swanage Railway's Bulleid Pacific Day next...
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    Youtube 2009 Updates

    Swanage Railway's Grand Steam Gala 2009 with all the home fleet and visiting 7F 88 in steam: Part 1 UBsHlGSSkNE Part 2 tr7_7Njl3lQ The Purbeck Growler next with West Coast Railways' 37s...
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    Youtube 2009 Updates

    Finally beginning to find the time to edit and upload my videos from the start of the year. The year started with a new video camera out at Swanage Railway's Easter Specials with 34070 Manston and 80078. QNghfeNiayk The Royal Wessex and Dorset Coast Express with 34067 Tangmere hauling the...
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    Railway Trips 2008

    Thanks, forgot to add - this is part 4, video collections from earlier this year and before can be found at the homepage :)
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    Railway Trips 2008

    usOlarxOpos Videos from: 47773 & 50049 at Parkstone, 960012 at Parkstone, 34067 Tangmere on the Sunny South Express, 73109 & 73235 Top 'n' Tailing 1498, 46233 The Duchess of Sutherland on the Sunny South Express, Footplate Ride on 34028, 33s on the Dorset Coast Explorer. Hope you...
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    103 Videos! - SOUTH WEST TRAINS VIDEO!

    Come a long way from the beginning, the only thing i would say is i personally dont like the variations on video sizes actually within the picture itself. Not sure what video editor your using but you can enlarge it to the boundaries normally.
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    Railway Trips 2008 - Part One, Two & Three

    Early start this year with a load of videos from: Part 1 - 34028 Eddystone's return to Swanage & DRS 47s on Stobart Pullman Part 2 - Swanage Railway's Branchline Weekend [Morning] Part 3 - Swanage Railway's...
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    Problems with Bachmann 37410

    Odd that the wheels should be spinning considering that bachmanns 37s are nicely weighted and dont often slip conditional to high load and gradiants etc. I find it even more odd that you'd leave the wheels spinning for half an hour of running before it gets faster. Not sure of the problem myself...
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    Software emulation detected

    Likewise, i've got Alcohol 120% too. Could you elaborate on how you managed to fix it?
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    Class 47 anyone??

    I'd have my suspicions, if something's too good to be true it usually is... We'll have to see.
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    Swanage Beer Fest...

    Ahh, im following now :lol: So far, its not been that bad... so far anyway ;)
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    Saturday 26th of Janurary....

    Just a bit closer of Clan line and it would be an even better shot, your getting much better, keep it up!
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    Swanage Beer Fest...

    For an individual scenario i would disagree, For me personally a bus ticket is under £5 and what your saying is that for my convieniance i should pay an additional £6 saving myself a 20 metre walk across a bridge or crossover to a bus stop... Perhaps its more understandable if you have a...