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    Trivia: Britain's Strangest Bus Routes

    In Leeds in the 1970s, the Middleton-Moortown set of routes 10/12/18 and 19 were interworked. Thus a service 10 from Middleton Thorpe Lane to Moortown via Shadwell Lane would return as a 19 over the route beyond Roundhay, and would become an 18 at Middleton Arms. This meant that if you lived at...
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    Class 76 at Crewe Works

    Well I never, they did have a 1500v dc test facility after all! Thanks for the input!
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    Cryptic clues = station name

    Paisley - "pa" for father, "isley" as in the Isley Brothers was my thinking.
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    Class 76 at Crewe Works

    Visiting Crewe Works in the early 1970s there were always one or two class 76 from the Woodhead route in for maintenance. Question is, when they had been through works, was there a short section of 1500dc track within the workd on which they could be tested, or were they simply towed back to...
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    Cryptic clues = station name

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    Is your bus journey necessary?

    Bus operators are still running, usually to something approximating a Sunday service, and timetables are enforcing the idea that these services are for essential workers only. OK, but given that lots of elderly people are entitled to free travel with the ENCTS scheme, is anything being done to...
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    Toton Diesel Shunter Allocation – 1967/68

    As a youngster "bunking" Toton in 1968 I recall a long line of class 10s outside the shed, plenty of new "cops" indeed but as they were all withdrawn they would have disappeared from the list of active locos I "needed" soon enough!
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    Enforcement of the new rules on social distancing, unnecessary journeys etc.

    I think I'm incredibly lucky. I live in a rural area so have any amount of reasonable daily walks right from my doorstep. On the other hand all the honeypot tourist spots are the other side of the M6 so we get very few tourists and therefore unlikely to attract the attention of officious police...
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    Unexpected trains as substitute traction.

    When I was trainspotting in Leeds during the late 1960s we always looked forward to seeing the long-distance trains from Cardiff or Swansea arrive as they would often turn up a "cop" Class 47, even better often a namer. We hoped vaguely to one day see a Western being rostered for this duty but...
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    ENTCS passes on long distance coach routes?

    A bus company can't impose a blanket ban on accepting ENCTS passes on stage carriage services or limited stop services which carry passengers on local journeys (I think I once read that there was a 15-mile cutoff). My ENCTS pass says that it is valid (at least) for all local services between...
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    Strangest bus destination screens?

    Not strictly a strange destination, but the council estate at Halton Moor in Leeds was known as the Zoo, as a result of the behaviour of some of its denizens. In the 1960s it was served by two routes, the 44 to Stanningley which went in a large loop around the northern suburbs and the 54 to...
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    Free OAP Transport In Hungary

    A few years ago I travelled with my late father-in-law to Hungary, and he didn't have to pay any transport fares as he was an OAP resident in the EU. Now it's my turn to be eligible, but now I am no longer an EU citizen as unfortunately I am British and cannot claim entitlement to a passport...
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    Is it time to scrap ENTCS completely?

    I do think that the ramifications of ENCTS are overwhelmingly positive (I also thought this before I joined the demographic which benefits). I can see that a local authority may not be happy in that they don't choose who gets the subsidy, the passengers choose this by boarding buses which take...
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    Is it time to scrap ENTCS completely?

    I don't at all mind old couples from Hartlepool riding around on my county's buses. They can hardly get over from Hartlepool on a daily basis so they are spending money in other areas during their stay. Stagecoach produce a very nice leaflet with tourist routes and maps and suggested places to...
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    Is it time to scrap ENTCS completely?

    I live in a rural area which is of less affluence than Dorset. There are large numbers of "young retirees" who have retired, sold up and moved to the country. We almost all have cars, if we didn't we would never have been able to look for houses in rural communities! Fast forward twenty or even...