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    Ukip Want Employers to be able to discriminate in favour of British workers

    If a British and a Polish candidate are equally suited to the role, the law allows businesses to choose whichever would result in the least misrepresentation.
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    London population decline

    The post-war housing schemes, including tower blocks, were designed to lower the housing density because it was believed (naively) that high density was one of the factors that led to slum conditions. There were plans steps made to bring people out of London, the most major being the...
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    Crossrail for Cycles

    Nothing wrong with cutting a road in half. Just turn the outer lanes in each direction into bus lanes so that all cyclists can use them. The images are misleading because this isn't how it will look in peak time. They should show the road packs with cars and bikes which will reveal the...
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    Crossrail for Cycles

    Based on the pictures, this will make matters worse for a great deal of cyclists. Those who want to go a reasonable speed will have to use the road, and will be bullied more by vehicles. What they should do is turn one lane in each direction into a bus/cycle lane.
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    Potential Fine? Help needed

    The only innocent explanation I can think of is that the OP wasn't aware of beak of journey, so asked for a return from Newport to Cardiff, and a single/return from Newport to Seven Tunnel Junction. But the OP's post makes no sense: "I asked for a ticket from Newport to Cardiff"; "I was going...
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    Carnet not filled in - Notice of Prosecution Hitchin

    But this language is so idiosyncratic that the only use on the internet is on this forum! There's no room for "enter date before use" and the font is neither large nor highlighted. Of course not, because it deals with a hypothetical situation. However, I believe it is written on the forum that...
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    Carnet not filled in - Notice of Prosecution Hitchin

    Ultimately, if the carnet ticket did not have "enter date on use" on the ticket, nor boxes for this, yet the TOC expected this, the OP would surely be guaranteed to succeed with a defence of unclear terms. If the OP was clearly told to put the date on the ticket, the OP would surely to be...
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    Carnet not filled in - Notice of Prosecution Hitchin

    Are the any possible defences with regard to lack of knowledge of said terms? The OP neither signed anything nor gave any verbal confirmation or ticked a box, electronically or with ink, to enter the contract. Is there anything than can be said about the small and low resolution fonts used for...
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    Unpaid Fare Notice for Anytime fare due to not carrying Railcard

    What stage in the journey did this happen? Were you offered the chance to get off before London and pay less of a fare?
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    Extortionate prices

    Once you're 26, not only does the cost of rail travel go up, but you could buy a zero depreciation, VED except car and pay under £100 a year insurance. ;) £48 sounds like an overestimate for a pre-1973 garaged vehicle, though depends on frequency of use. I suspect £200 would pay for the cost...
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    'DafT' and Geography Knowledge

    Based on the explanation given, I assume it's an Excel sorting fail, i.e. they didn't select the whole table, so one column sorted without the other.
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    Rail fine avoidable?

    I've heard worse. I knew someone who screwed up the ticket after going through a barrier at station A, when station B had no barrier. This is why, it's good that so many train managers announce that passengers should retain their ticket. Prevention is better than cure. But if you were to go...
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    Accussed of Altering Carnet Ticket

    This was my believe and it was also my opinion that the "forensic testing" may be no more than an unqualified person looking at it, based on the previous case which was dropped. However, I assume DaveNewcastle has witnessed at least one expert witness in forensics in the court case. One fear...
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    Accussed of Altering Carnet Ticket

    I'm interested in how the forensics evidence would work. I assume that the forensic analyst would have to put forward a hypothesis as to the original content? If the OP could then prove that he could not possibly have travelled by train on that day, what happens?
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    Who has the legal power to prosecute in Network Rail Station?

    Indeed, but the judgement could certainly have gone either way. I dare say that the judgement was influenced by a desire to let TfL lose for their overzealous behaviour: In spite of the fact that the customer did indeed mention a desire to travel on the District Line. If the passenger appeared...