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    MML v EMT

    Well yes, but least we forget that was also NatEx run and the new franchise operator will include that.
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    MML v EMT

    Errrm, yea. You cant compare either yet, and remember EMT will be taking over CT aswell as MML, people just look at MML going, don't forget so is Central...
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    Train Horns v2

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    Your Desktop Background

    Top one Mr T, the rev and the gang are a beast of a band, perhaps its just how many times I've heard "Heavywight champion of the world" or not, but I prefer their new "He didnt love me" song.
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    Coleshill Parkway

    ta chap
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    Coleshill Parkway

    What two services are these then matt?
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    Nene Valley Autum Desil Gala

    Despite Al's pessimism?! I too am up for it.
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    The Secret Life of Motorways, BBC4

    I think the first was the best....the others didnt quite match it as good, interesting to see how the 70mph preliminary speed limit has never been adjusted since being implemented on a 'preliminary basis'.....hmmmm.
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    I'm going for it ....

    As said on MSN, best of luck mate....if you do get it theres hope for the rest of us ;)
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    Which county is this?

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    What are you listening to?

    happy hardcore is not chav.....try ultimate urban or something...
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    East Midlands Trains

    Thing is Ian, that would mean XC did actually own/manage some stations....and we couldn't have that!! I'm a bit miffed we're loosing all our 170s for bloody 158s....theres however £20m worth of refurbing so that should be SWT 158 standard I hope...not too sure on the livery but we'll see what...
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    Whats Your Favourite Drink?

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    Vwc Hst?

    Even more so when they live in 'one' Anglia region...
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    Vwc Hst?

    Ah I see, you just know one or two of the chaps.