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    TfL zonal caps

    Your 2-4 daily cap is charged to include zone 1, i.e. even if you travel entirely within 2-4 you won't cap out until you hit the equivalent 1-4 daily cap, which is £9.30. If it looks unfair that's because it is. TfL did a lot of shifting around with capping at the beginning of 2015, including...
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    Central London - Bromley

    I'd expect they will have problems - as well as being distinct stations (there is no 'Bromley group') the stations are in different travelcard zones - South is in z5 and would attract a higher fare from Central London than B North which is in 4. More knowledgable members will be able to advise...
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    Famous people on trains

    I saw Tom Watson late one Saturday evening late last year, alone, staring grimly at a cancellation-splattered departures board at New Street. I was once almost run down in 1997 by Jimmy Savile and a member of Railtrack staff who were at the wheel of a mobility buggy at Glasgow Central. I can't...
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    Most hated traction

    Voyagers, though I put the refurbished SWT/Southern 455s not too far behind.. there's just nothing to excite about them. I do have a fondness for Pacers in a weird way
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    Cost to Slough from London?

    I'm local to Finsbury Park and when I needed to get to Slough cheaply I would get the Piccadilly Line to Hounslow West then the 81. If you value your sanity I can't recommend it on a daily basis - it is about two hours each way vs about 70-90 minutes via Paddington and a fast train. It is the...
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    Missing Booked Train With Advance Ticket

    I had a similar situation at Highgate a few months ago - the ticket got jammed in the mechanism on the gateline as I was exiting the station late one evening. Nobody responded to my attempts to get attention for three or four minutes so I hit the emergency plunger (which did work) and went on my...
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    New job in watford junction - reverse commute

    Unless it is crucially important to you to be within a cab ride or short night bus of what London has to offer then I'd suggest moving to Watford and being done with it - cheaper rent, more space and a shorter commute. And you can spend the money you save enjoying the cultural and leisure...
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    Permit to Travel Machines

    Swale has a PERTIS machine and was functioning when I visited back in August. I believe West Drayton's is still there and activated when the ticket office is closed.. a few others on the lines out of Paddington too, unless they have been removed very recently indeed. There are still a few...
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    Outside london Bus network ticket acceptance when crossrail launches.

    What happens at the moment at Carpenders Park when the Overground to Watford Junction conks out? The nearest TfL bus services from there are over a mile away by foot.
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    Overhead wire problems near Peterborough 06/09

    Nice way to start my ALR week.. not. Currently on the vestibule floor of the 1103 KGX-LDS, which is full and standing if at least on time. Expecting to be swamped at Hungtingdon!
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    Forest Hill to Coombe Lane (tram) school run

    Hello and welcome to the forum. In respect to question three, yes, you load money onto a Zip card in the same way you would on an adult Oyster, at a station or Oyster-equipped newsagent. If they travel from Forest Hill to East Croydon then a child single will be deducted for that leg of the...
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    Tube Strike 6th August, Help please

    IMO you should be ok, but be prepared for crowd control scenes at Paddington for buses and expect that to eat up some time. If you're getting into Paddington at around 11am you should be ok with the worst of the morning rush having subsided. Buses will be busy but not unboardable, roads will be...
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    Advances through London during the tube strike

    The 205 is one of those routes that typically sees extra buses on strike days, primarily because it shadows a large section of the Circle/H&C Line. The majority of these extras are scraped together from any firms able to supply buses and drivers, i.e. often well out of town, and their drivers...
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    Do we really need walk-through gangways?

    Can comment as a regular on the Overground that this is indeed the case. Far less bunched than it ever was in the days of A-stock/313s/508s (though the 313s were invariably rammed to the max in any case so perhaps harder to tell there)